We have a Henry!

Henry Green was welcomed into the world on Friday, October 10th at 4:16am. Weighing in a 7lbs 5 oz. we are smitten with all 20.5 inches of him.

At our 41 week appointment we had a stress test that revealed he was happy as a clam but the ultra sound left the doctor worried.


41 weeks!

I had very low amnionic fluid levels and after consulting with the doctor he said it was time for baby to come. Waiting through the weekend to see if he would get labor going on his own would only mean fluid levels would continue to drop. So Anthony and I headed out to breakfast, grabbed our bags, played with the dog and headed back to the hospital at about noon on Thursday. I was actually having regular contractions on my own all morning and when I was hooked up to Pitocin at 4:45pm my body kicked right now. However hours later I knew I couldn’t handle the waves of contractions coming every two minutes apart. I was only three centimeters dilated and had a long way to go still.

The decision to get the epidural was a good one and soon after I had progressed to 5cm. Anthony and I then were able to rest/doze from about 1am – 2am at which point the nurse said I was 10cm! The epidural truly allowed me to rest, stop fighting the pain and my body reacted accordingly. At 2:30 I started pushing and at 4:16am the doctor announce we had a boy! Anthony was a great cheer leader and excitedly announced “We have a Henry!”

After nearly 40 hours awake we finally got to sleep some when we got to our room Friday morning. We stayed Friday night and Saturday night. Although we were ready to go home we got lots of help from the lactation consultants (who came to our room at 1:30am to help with feeding!) and the nurses were fantastic! So far Henry has his Dad’s longs legs and his mother’s love for napping (thank goodness!)

Here’s some pictures from the hospital and I’ll do another post about our first week home….

First family photo!

First family photo!

Proud Dad!

Proud Dad!

snuggle time

Sleep deprived but happy

Sleep deprived but happy

black and white

Look at those lips :)

Look at those lips 🙂


I may or may not be nesting

Although I have not found myself cleaning obscure things I had the strong desire to bake this week. After finding some pumpkin bread recipes I headed to the grocery store but ended up coming back with banana bread ingredients instead. I made the first loaf subbing cinnamon apple sauce in for oil and added walnuts. Anthony and I both liked the addition of walnuts so next loaf I might repeat those but plan to add one super ripe banana. Maybe sub Greek yogurt for the oil or repeat the apple sauce. Yum-Yum!

I also tried out a new recipe I found on Runner’s World’s website. After baking up sweet potato wedges I tossed them into chopped up kale, a bit of salt n pepper and goat cheese! A drizzle of balsamic dressing and wahla! Delish!

kale salad

Our appointment went well last Friday but baby still has a long ways to drop. So not unlike last week, I will continue to walk, walk, walk and sit on the birthing ball. I can feel things changing every day. My hips and lower back are getting ready and I have felt somewhat achy on and off the last week. I feel ok for being 38+ weeks pregnant but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m glad we’re at the end!

We had a fun time with friends over on Saturday night. We grilled up BBQ chicken to go with my kale salad and we also dined on pasta salad and corn puff! We got out the corn hole boards in the front yard during half time and had a great time laughing with friends. Pretty soon our weekends will take on a different tune…or at least a more quiet one!

Whenever baby decides to get here we’ve got Clemson onsies ready! We had a lot of plain white onsies and for $4 I ordered five little Clemson iron-on paws. In the next few weeks Anthony will have another Clemson fan in the house all ready for game day 🙂

Clemson onsies

Also, Dixie LOVES the new carpet we got for the baby area in our family room. We didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t for her and I don’t blame her for using it-it’s REALLY soft!

38+ weeks

My pregnancy app officially says 1 week, 5 days!!!

Anniversary weekend

Anthony and I celebrated four years of marriage last week! To celebrate we had our 36 week appointment. All is well as usual and now we go every week! Baby is beginning to drop but I didn’t want to know if there was any dilation yet. I can wait a couple weeks before getting my hopes up that we’re truly getting close.  Anthony also celebrated by assembling the bouncer and our rocker. Next post will be the revealing of our completed nursery.

36 weeks

36 weeks

Saturday was one of Dixie’s my favorite days of the year. After I got a great swim in Anthony and I took Dixie to the Dog Days of Summer at the Finley YMCA. This was our 3rd year attending the event and it’s always so fun. For a $15 donation to the We Build People campaign she got to swim her brains out in the pool. The pool closed last weekend so it was time for the dogs to have fun. She swam out and back, over and over to get a ball that Anthony and I would through in the pool. We went right at 10am when the pool opened as the “small” dogs were supposed to swim 10-12 while the larger dogs had free reign 12-2. Even though she was on the larger end of the small dogs, her shy demeanor allows her to have more carefree fun with the smaller dogs. She’s totally uninterested in the other pups and has her eye on the prize: the ball.

I posted a fun video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hguVFhlPFm4

Anthony also pumped up my birthing ball. It’s actually just an exercise ball but it’s VERY comfortable to sit on and I plan to use it during labor as well. It takes a lot of weight off my back and hips and allows my tummy to hang down some. They have them at the hospital as well so we’ll be able to take advantage of it there too.

With puppy never far away!

With puppy never far away!

With doctors approval I was able to join Anthony at a night away in Charlotte. Anthony surprised me and splurged for a room at the Ritz-Carlton! We knew it would be our last night away before baby arrives and we had a chance to celebrate our anniversary. While Anthony worked a quick store event I power walked through down town then took full advantage of the nicest hotel gym I have, and probably ever will, come across. There were about six different exercise rooms including a yoga and cycling studio! Tummy 1, medicine ball 0.

Ritz workout room

We also took full advantage of the other amenities and wore the robes and slippers, used every fancy soap they had, lounged in the oversized bed with high end pillows and munched on chewy oatmeal cookies. We also enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at The Capital Grill. I had a citrus glazed salmon with green beans and Anthony had a steak fit for a king. We had great conversation and are ready for things to change in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I have my 37 week appointment as well as our last baby class. One couple in our class welcomed their baby boy on Tuesday! This was also Anthony’s last week of far-off travel and from now on will be doing shorter and closer trips. This weekend we’re going to pick up a rug for the “baby corner” in our family room and we’ll get our car seat installed on Monday.

Overall I’m feeling well.  I’ve had a few “off” days here or there and they are mostly tied to a poor nights sleep. Between getting up multiple times for bathroom trips and trying to get comfortable before and after I get up it can make for a restless sleep sometimes. I’m still swimming 3-4 days a week for about an hour. I do flip turns about half the time and I find that actually a pull bouy is more helpful then fins. I’m back to power walking and cover about three miles, two days a week. I take one full day off a week and one other day I take a slower/easier walk. Not many changes besides my growing tummy but my feet have been swelling some.  Dr. said at this point it’s to be expected and it’s nothing to worry about.

Next update will be all about baby’s room!




Seattle Bound!

I am currently 30,000 feet up in the air en route to Seattle!

Where our dinner reservations are tomorrow!

Where our dinner reservations are tomorrow!

I spent the first two days paddling my rental car to and from the Dearborn office as I stayed at my parents house the last few days. In case you haven’t watched the news Detroit got hammered by so much rain yesterday it caused huge problems. Cars and trucks were stuck and floating around the freeways. It took me 1.5 hours to drive what normally takes 33 minutes!

Enough about my work travel, I know you’d rather hear about how Anthony put on a “pregnancy belly” at our first Lamaze class. It wasn’t a realistic looking belly like you see in the movies (apparently those cost $600!!) but our teacher did have a back pack that she filled with socks. The socks had different labels (blood, baby, placenta, etc.) and were the average weight us pregnant ladies were carrying. Anthony and one other dad had the guts to try it on and we had them do totally normal tasks that are now hard, i.e. tying our shoes. All of us moms had a good laugh!

There are five couples and all of us are giving birth in different hospitals or settings. For example, one will be giving birth at home in a tub and another the Chapel Hill Birthing Center which is the big, “all natural” center around here. Interestingly, I learned they will not let you give birth there if you go into labor before 37 weeks though. (Too much risk I guess) We’re all due within a month of each other and we are second in line after the couple due Sept. 17th. Only seven weeks until our due date come this Friday!

We learned a few stretches and positions we may find comfortable over the next few weeks and played a few games to learn baby and birth related things. The games were especially helpful. For one game the teacher put three different sticky notes on the wall: “In active Labor”, “In Pre Labor” and “Call Doctor”. Each couple was given a few scenarios and we had to place them where we thought appropriate. For example, one of our cards read, “Water breaks, is clear and relatively odorless.” Although some were obvious it led to good questions like, “Ok, so you’re in active labor but do you also have to call your doctor?”.

The other game was similar but involved scenarios that we had to say were “good reasons to induce” or not. This class promotes going naturally and at a minimum will prepare us so that we hopefully won’t have to be induced, or are knowledgeable about when being induced is a good idea. We talked about allowing labor to start naturally as women’s bodies have been doing since the beginning of time. Did you know the highest days for induction are three days before major holidays?! That’s not a coincidence! I wrote down some good questions to ask my OB after this game like, “How long will they let me go?”. Most places won’t let you go past 42 weeks but it’s good to ask before you get to that point. The average birth date for first time moms is 41 weeks and 3 days! That’s well past the 40 week mark and I have no problem waiting if it means I can avoid induction. Also, 50% of people that are induced end of having a C-section!

The teacher said at the very beginning that this class is often times more for the Dads than the Mom’s. It’s true though because every mom to be there had been reading books and not a single dad had 🙂 I don’t think it was as terrible as Anthony thought it would be and the teacher keeps it light hearted and funny. Round two this Friday!

A fun Asheville weekend!

Anthony and I headed to Asheville Friday afternoon for what was a fun baby shower weekend with the Hall family. On Saturday after a trip the park with the kids we got cleaned up for the 1pm shower. We enjoyed a great cookout with my in laws with great eats. Enjoy some pictures!

Diaper Cake and matching (delicious) cake!

Diaper Cake and matching (delicious) cake!

Cake close up-how cute is that zebra?!

Cake close up-how cute is that zebra?!


My beautiful sister-in laws and niece

My beautiful sister-in laws and niece

Dad to be and I with our baby goodies

Dad to be and I with our baby goodies

And then this happened…..Nap and quilt

Our niece Lauren is an expert sewer and has been attending sewing camp for years now. We were blown away by this quilt she made for baby Hall! And I just had to test it out and in fact it does induce napping 🙂

Later that evening a few of us headed into Asheville for a bit of shopping at Mast General Store and dinner at Anthony’s favorite pizza joint, Barley’s. If you’ve never been to Mast General it’s a must-do if you visit any little town in Western NC as there are multiple locations. Old school toys, great clothes and shoes and of course the old school candy section!

Outside Barley's after a great dinner with friends and family!

Outside Barley’s after a great dinner with friends and family!

We headed home today to get ready for another busy week. It’s my last week of presentations and my boss will be traveling with Rebecca and I to get to know her a bit better. I’ve got my 32 week appointment Friday so I’ll have another update at week’s end along with maybe some exciting job updates that have been in the works!

Michigan Weekend

This past weekend Anthony and I spent what will be our last weekend in Michigan as a family of two!

Thursday: With Dixie on board, we drove all day and I’m happy to report we only took four bathroom breaks during a 11.5 hr drive!

Friday: We kicked off 4th of July with the Northville parade. We loved seeing all the red, white and blue up and down the cute streets of downtown. Little girls in bows and dresses are so cute to me. Maybe next year we’ll have one of them! My mom and I jetted early to make one of my best friend’s bridal showers. It was a very nice shower, catered and everything! There were tons of fun games including one in which a big tri-fold board displayed twelve wedding themed movies. The movie poster photos shown had pictures of the bride and groom in place of the movie stars and it was hilarious! The person who could figure out the most movie titles won. Prizes for all the games were lottery tickets which was so fun.

2014-07-04 14.13.00

Friday afternoon and evening we had family and friends over for a fantastic cook out. The food was delicious as my mom is an all star cook and the weather was perfect for sitting outside until it was dark. By days end I was absolutely pooped!

Saturday was another jam packed day. The same bride to be had her bachelorette party so at about 2 o’clock I headed down to Detroit to join in for the Tiger’s game and dinner. Anthony and Sarah came along for the game and it just so happened they were two sections over from us. Although the Tiger’s got smoked we had a blast!
2014-07-05 19.20.21
2014-07-05 19.05.33

After the game all the ladies went back to the hotel that was reserved for the night and my friend opened her presents. I enjoyed the virgin shots my friend made for the two pregnant ladies while everyone else enjoyed the real deal. We ended the night with a great dinner then I met back up with Sarah and Anthony to head home while the other ladies went out on the town. I’m so glad I could partake in her festivities because I won’t make her wedding as it’s back in MI about two weeks before my due date.

Sunday was my baby shower day! After church we prepared for the party to start at 2pm and it was a whirlwind that went by too fast! I had friends and family from near and far come to celebrate baby Hall and it was so humbling. We played two fun games including trivia, which put together a great mix of people onto teams. We quizzed people on my cravings and habits, pregnancy woes I’ve experienced, crazy pregnancy facts (did you know a baby has been born with 12 teeth!!?) and other fun topics. The winning team got baby utensils 🙂 The second games had everyone guessing how long a string was needed to fit around my tummy. Only one person guessed too small! It was hilarious trying on all the strings because there often was room for another person along with my tummy! We also got so many nice gifts and coming home with all those baby related items makes this feel more real each day!
2014-07-06 15.47.09
Michigan Shower
Family Shower photo

This will be my Grandmas 10th great grandchild so we gave her a name tag that said so 🙂

Monday we slept in a bit longer as the past days had caught up with us. We spent time packing up the gifts and generally lazing around to prepare for our drive back on Tuesday. Tuesday’s drive was uneventful and we were glad to be home in our own beds last night.

It was surreal to think that everyone we saw at the shower we will being seeing next when we are a family of three, I am a Mom and Anthony is a Dad. Talk about things starting to feel real. We are now 12 weeks out!

I left my heart in San Francisco

Well not really but it sounded witty 🙂

My week started out with my “Marketing and Innovation” MBA class trip to Silicon Valley. We visited Google, Apple, Salesforce, Goodby Silverstein and Associates (super famous ad agency who launched “Got Milk?” and the Old Spice commercials among other works), Clorox, Netflix, WalmartLabs, Twitter and Joyent. It was a whirlwind and the learning’s I took away were invaluable.

Then the fun started when my mom joined me on Friday afternoon. We rented a car and drove down to Half Moon Bay for the first night.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

I did some research prior to the trip and found the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve not ten minutes from our hotel at Moss Beach. The unique thing about the reserve is you have to time your visit with the tides. So if you are lucky enough to have a low tide during park hours you can check out the marine life that is left throughout the shoreline while the tides are out. The park technically opens at 8am and the low tide was at 6:30 so we weren’t overly optimistic about how much we might see in the pools but it turned out to be fabulous! It was a great surprise. Tons of little creatures were in the tide pools and not too far out were dozens of seals.
2014-06-14 11.44.46
Pretty mom with seals in the background

Pretty mom with seals in the background

2014-06-14 12.01.15
2014-06-14 12.02.14
From here we drove to Sausalito, a super cute town just outside San Francisco. I would highly recommend a visit to this quant town! We shopped, shared tuna sandwiches, sat in the sun along the water and walked around the entire town until we decided it was time to head to our San Fran hotel. Upon checking in we headed out to check out Chinatown which was just blocks from the Hilton we were staying it. *It’s worth the extra cost of staying in a hotel within walking distance of everything. And walk we did!
china town
We found a great, authentic Chinese restaurant where we split a bunch of dishes but saved room for some authentic Chinese desserts- a butterfly cookie and moon pie (not anything like an American moon pie). We crashed at about 8pm and prepared for our big bus tour on Sunday.

Sunday morning we headed out to meet our tour which was guided by Brendan who was born and raised in San Fran. The fact that he was a local definitely added a level of credibility to the tour. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

2014-06-15 13.42.37
2014-06-15 14.04.33
2014-06-15 15.48.52

Redwood Trees in Muir Woods

Redwood Trees in Muir Woods

2014-06-15 16.40.49
2014-06-15 16.44.29
2014-06-15 18.18.30
Almost 25 weeks!

Almost 25 weeks!

On Monday we walked down to the Pier 39 which is also Fisherman’s Wharf where the seals hang out. From there we walked down to the Ferry Building. If you enjoy unique, delicious food from those that offer only what they specialize in, this stop is a must. We enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup but not just any grilled cheese and soup. The grilled cheeses had unique cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and hummus and the tomato soup was just delicious. There were vendors up and down the building with unique eats and gifts. Another pleasant surprise.

After dinner in Little Italy we packed up and headed to our hotel outside the airport to make catching our early flights a bit easier. It was a fantastic trip and I’m so glad I decided to take the class and that my mom was able to join me for some fun vacation days!
San Fran