We have a Henry!

Henry Green was welcomed into the world on Friday, October 10th at 4:16am. Weighing in a 7lbs 5 oz. we are smitten with all 20.5 inches of him.

At our 41 week appointment we had a stress test that revealed he was happy as a clam but the ultra sound left the doctor worried.


41 weeks!

I had very low amnionic fluid levels and after consulting with the doctor he said it was time for baby to come. Waiting through the weekend to see if he would get labor going on his own would only mean fluid levels would continue to drop. So Anthony and I headed out to breakfast, grabbed our bags, played with the dog and headed back to the hospital at about noon on Thursday. I was actually having regular contractions on my own all morning and when I was hooked up to Pitocin at 4:45pm my body kicked right now. However hours later I knew I couldn’t handle the waves of contractions coming every two minutes apart. I was only three centimeters dilated and had a long way to go still.

The decision to get the epidural was a good one and soon after I had progressed to 5cm. Anthony and I then were able to rest/doze from about 1am – 2am at which point the nurse said I was 10cm! The epidural truly allowed me to rest, stop fighting the pain and my body reacted accordingly. At 2:30 I started pushing and at 4:16am the doctor announce we had a boy! Anthony was a great cheer leader and excitedly announced “We have a Henry!”

After nearly 40 hours awake we finally got to sleep some when we got to our room Friday morning. We stayed Friday night and Saturday night. Although we were ready to go home we got lots of help from the lactation consultants (who came to our room at 1:30am to help with feeding!) and the nurses were fantastic! So far Henry has his Dad’s longs legs and his mother’s love for napping (thank goodness!)

Here’s some pictures from the hospital and I’ll do another post about our first week home….

First family photo!

First family photo!

Proud Dad!

Proud Dad!

snuggle time

Sleep deprived but happy

Sleep deprived but happy

black and white

Look at those lips :)

Look at those lips 🙂


I may or may not be nesting

Although I have not found myself cleaning obscure things I had the strong desire to bake this week. After finding some pumpkin bread recipes I headed to the grocery store but ended up coming back with banana bread ingredients instead. I made the first loaf subbing cinnamon apple sauce in for oil and added walnuts. Anthony and I both liked the addition of walnuts so next loaf I might repeat those but plan to add one super ripe banana. Maybe sub Greek yogurt for the oil or repeat the apple sauce. Yum-Yum!

I also tried out a new recipe I found on Runner’s World’s website. After baking up sweet potato wedges I tossed them into chopped up kale, a bit of salt n pepper and goat cheese! A drizzle of balsamic dressing and wahla! Delish!

kale salad

Our appointment went well last Friday but baby still has a long ways to drop. So not unlike last week, I will continue to walk, walk, walk and sit on the birthing ball. I can feel things changing every day. My hips and lower back are getting ready and I have felt somewhat achy on and off the last week. I feel ok for being 38+ weeks pregnant but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m glad we’re at the end!

We had a fun time with friends over on Saturday night. We grilled up BBQ chicken to go with my kale salad and we also dined on pasta salad and corn puff! We got out the corn hole boards in the front yard during half time and had a great time laughing with friends. Pretty soon our weekends will take on a different tune…or at least a more quiet one!

Whenever baby decides to get here we’ve got Clemson onsies ready! We had a lot of plain white onsies and for $4 I ordered five little Clemson iron-on paws. In the next few weeks Anthony will have another Clemson fan in the house all ready for game day 🙂

Clemson onsies

Also, Dixie LOVES the new carpet we got for the baby area in our family room. We didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t for her and I don’t blame her for using it-it’s REALLY soft!

38+ weeks

My pregnancy app officially says 1 week, 5 days!!!

What’s in our hospital bag?

Have I mentioned that we’re ready for baby? 🙂 Last weekend I set out to pack our hospital bag. I got some great advice from friends and I Googled “what to pack” as well so I think I’ve got everything covered. I’ve been told you don’t walk out there looking anything less than six months pregnant so I pretty much stuck to comfortable things I’ve worn during pregnancy.

1. Two pairs of lounge/yoga pants, two comfy tops and a maternity sweatshirt

2. Two nursing tanks

3. My favorite slippers

4. Change of clothes for Anthony (spare T-shirt and shorts and a some sort of button down shirt so he can enjoy skin to skin time with baby too)

5. Toiletries so that maybe I can look halfway decent walking out of there or for a few photos…or at least brush my teeth 🙂

6. Baby gear- Two outfit options, socks and hats and two blankets

7. Goody bag for Anthony (I don’t think he reads this very often so I’ll go ahead and post this). I got him a few treats and a GQ magazine to read as there may be some down time. Also, I ordered some little iron-on Clemson paws. If they get here in time I’m going to iron one on a onsie and put that in his surprise bag.

paw patch

8. Chapstick-I’ve heard from a few people that lips cant get chapped from all the huffing and puffing!

9. Snacks (granola bars, an empty water bottle or two) and I hope to stash a few pieces of fruit as we head out the door

10. Real camera

11. Phone chargers

Car seat

I got the car seat installed today too! Anthony took my car Monday to get it super, duper cleaned/scrubbed/de-haired/vacuumed and we were going to go on Tuesday to install it but wouldn’t ya know the car seat guy at the hospital doesn’t work Tuesdays. I didn’t want to put it off anymore so I went over there today. My jeep actually has special hooks meant for car seats so we don’t even have to mess with the seat belt. I also picked up the second base for Anthony’s car so that we have one in both cars.

I’ve gotten asked over the past few days if I’ve been having contractions. Although I can’t say definitely, there seems to be some sporadic mild cramps every now and then. That could continue for weeks so I’m not over thinking it but I’m making sure to take notice. At some point those “sporadic” cramps may not get so sporadic! Anthony is doing his last few nights away although not too far and checks in a lot. His phone is always on and he made me promise to call him even if I have a half an inkling something is happening and he will hop in the car and head home. He’d much rather it be a false alarm and drive home then the alternative 🙂

38 week appointment is Friday. Until then I’ll just keep swimming and walking and resting and eating and trying to sleep!

A big week!

I finally can share some fun news that will be taking us back to Michigan! This week I accepted an offer to be the Amazon account representative! It was effective immediately but there will be lots of overlap between by NC/SC territory responsibilities and my new responsibilities. I let my retailers know this week that it was a pleasure working with them for the past seven years and the sales trainee that has been traveling with me will be their point of contact going forward. For a few days, before telling my retailers, I was a little overwhelmed because I was already getting a lot of emails that involve tasks in my new role but still emails from all of my NC and SC retailers. It was nice to pass the torch so that I could focus on learning what my new role will entail.

In my new role I will be responsible for managing Amazon’s business and also my support team in Carhartt that keeps such a large retailer moving forward. There’s a lot to learn and I’m learning from the best because my new manager has been their account representative since we opened them about 2.5 years ago. He knows full well how steep the learning curve is and so far has been a great coach with an incredible amount of knowledge.

Next week will be my last week of travel. I am headed to Michigan for two days to see new products then will fly with the team to Seattle where I will present the line to Amazon. I’m jumping right in and already excited about my new role. Part of the role does require me to be in the Dearborn, MI office roughly 50% of my time. Some weeks it may be more or less and otherwise I will still get to work from home. We had some flexibility on the move so we have agreed that by April 1st it can be expected that I will be available to be in the Dearborn office. Anthony and I area excited about this next step although it will be bittersweet to leave our friends and family here in NC.

We’ve set up a meeting with our real estate agent to talk about the next steps in terms of selling out house, etc. Knowing we’ll have a newborn in a couple months we want to start taking care of any maintanence that she may recommend (minor painting, etc.) that may help us sell the house. We’ll get some direction as to when we should list the house, etc. Then comes the other side of finding a house in MI but thankfully we’ve got an idea already of the areas we want to buy.

I’ll leave you with some 32 week pictures! My appointment went great yesterday and as always everything is “normal”. I forgot to ask but I’m pretty sure baby is now head down as I’ve felt kicking up towards my ribs! I will have two more appointments two weeks apart then I will start going every week.

32 weeksfromside

32 weeksfromfront

We started our baby classes last night so in the next post I’ll share some things we learned!

A fun Asheville weekend!

Anthony and I headed to Asheville Friday afternoon for what was a fun baby shower weekend with the Hall family. On Saturday after a trip the park with the kids we got cleaned up for the 1pm shower. We enjoyed a great cookout with my in laws with great eats. Enjoy some pictures!

Diaper Cake and matching (delicious) cake!

Diaper Cake and matching (delicious) cake!

Cake close up-how cute is that zebra?!

Cake close up-how cute is that zebra?!


My beautiful sister-in laws and niece

My beautiful sister-in laws and niece

Dad to be and I with our baby goodies

Dad to be and I with our baby goodies

And then this happened…..Nap and quilt

Our niece Lauren is an expert sewer and has been attending sewing camp for years now. We were blown away by this quilt she made for baby Hall! And I just had to test it out and in fact it does induce napping 🙂

Later that evening a few of us headed into Asheville for a bit of shopping at Mast General Store and dinner at Anthony’s favorite pizza joint, Barley’s. If you’ve never been to Mast General it’s a must-do if you visit any little town in Western NC as there are multiple locations. Old school toys, great clothes and shoes and of course the old school candy section!

Outside Barley's after a great dinner with friends and family!

Outside Barley’s after a great dinner with friends and family!

We headed home today to get ready for another busy week. It’s my last week of presentations and my boss will be traveling with Rebecca and I to get to know her a bit better. I’ve got my 32 week appointment Friday so I’ll have another update at week’s end along with maybe some exciting job updates that have been in the works!

We have a mover!

Well we had our super exciting 18 week ultra sound appointment this week! We had a very grainy, small image from the 6 week ultra sound so we were really looking forward to seeing the little nugget looking a bit more baby-like.

We made sure to tell the ultra sound tech we did not want to know the gender. Come to find out they think that’s so fun and doctors especially like it because on birth day they get a surprise too. I asked if she could tell boy or girl after the ultra sound and she said no. It’s not that easy to tell unless she finds the perfect angle so she says if the parents don’t want to know she doesn’t even go looking.

When baby popped up on the screen it was so wiggly! We guessed it’s because I just ate lunch or maybe it’s just active mid afternoon. It was shaking it’s head and moving it’s arms and legs. Sometimes she had to wait to get certain shots until the moving stopped. She took pictures of all sorts of body part to check measurements and growth: the four chambers of the heart, both arms and legs, tummy, a few of the head and the face with nose and mouth. While taking the close up of the face we saw baby practicing sucking which was cool because I had read that baby starts doing that around this time. We got a great shot of baby with it’s arms all tucked up (below) and my favorite was the shot of the feet which were crossed at the ankles as you can tell from the picture.


Cutest feet we ever did see!

Cutest feet we ever did see!

My blood pressure and heart rate were perfect so doctor didn’t have much to say. She came in and measured the length of my tummy to track it’s growth too. I already have that fun Linea Nigra, a line that forms from hormones that can run part or all the way up the tummy. I got it all the way! It fades after pregnancy though.

I had a couple questions for the doctor about my back aches that appear by days end. Some days it’s more achy than other days and it’s only occurring on my right side. It is worst in the evenings especially if I’ve been sitting for a long time. We suspect it might be to my scoliosis since it’s not the typical lower back pain most pregnant women get. So, she actually suggested starting ab exercises. I thought I couldn’t do crunches but quite the opposite. She wants me to keep my core strong which may help alleviate some of the stress put on my back by my growing tummy. She also suggested a chiropractor if I wanted as those specialized is maternity chiropractic options have been known to help a lot.

Next appointment is in four weeks so done are the days of appointments six weeks apart. The next few appointments will be a quick checkup to get my measurements, weight and blood pressure and hear the heart beat.

We also made progress on child care this week as we visited three different schools. They all had a long list of pros and very few cons so we now need to narrow down the list and get registered as these open spots to quick. All three schools only have 8 infants total so it’s tough to get in!

Next week: family vacation!!

According to the dog….

I thought it might be fun to share what this pregnancy has been like thus far for our current baby, Dixie….

We told Dixie right away and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Dixie, I need you to look at me because I’m going to tell you something very important.”
Dixie: (ignores me)

we need to talk

Me: “Well Dixie, in October our family will be adding a member and you’re going to have to start sharing your toys.”
Dixie: “WHAT?!”


Me: “Yes, I promise you’ll like it, boy or girl, but it will be a while before you can play with it.”
Dixie: (over it)

sad dixie

They say dogs can sense pregnancy pretty early on which is somewhat surprising but when you think about the dogs that are trained to sense seizures in children or other types of oncoming health scares it’s pretty amazing.

When Anthony is on the road Dixie doesn’t get as much exercise as pre-pregnancy. On days that I swim I simply don’t have as much energy to still exercise her for an hour or more. Days that I run, although she doesn’t know how much I’ve slowed down, sometimes I have to laugh when she looks up at me mid stride and I can’t help but think she’s saying, “Can we pick up the pace?” The unusually wet winter has made it hard to get outside to throw the ball some days which is the easy exercise option. As it warms up though we have a great national park with a huge lake and it’s one of the best ways to wear her out. It’s a mile walk in, then I can stand and throw a ball in the water for her to get some good swim-retrieval exercise.

Dixie is generally uninterested in in children unless they can throw a tennis ball 🙂 Even still, we’ll have a few plans on how to help Dixie adjust to the new baby and I’ve found some interesting articles on this topic. Anthony will bring home some baby blankets and clothes, some of which he’ll keep in his pocket and some he will give to her, so she can learn baby’s smell. Once baby comes I’ll also do my best to take time a few days a week to go outside, just Dixie and I, for some play time.

So Dad :), all is well with Dixie and I still scratch her tummy and give her an empty peanut butter jar when we have them.