About the Halls

Hi, I’m Jenny the mom-to-be and author of “Hall Nuggets”. My husband Anthony, pup Dixie and I are expanding our family this fall with the arrival of baby Hall due October 3rd. I started this blog so that our friends and family can follow along on our adventures as parents to be and eventually parenthood.

A bit about myself: I work full time as a sales rep and I am also pursuing my MBA part-time at East Carolina University. I will (finally) be done this December. Yes, there will be a month or two with the new baby and school but I know I can push through and I will be so glad to graduate the end of 2014. We live happily in Raleigh, NC and I enjoy being a member of a Master’s swim team and I am also an avid runner. Anthony enjoys keeping his Jeep wrangler clean and can’t wait to have Dixie and baby in the back seat some day. He enjoys working outside in the yard and has single handedly transformed our yard from when we moved in December of 2012.

Easter 3

Colorado Ski Trip

Colorado Ski Trip

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island

We hope you enjoy Hall Nuggets!


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