Over due update

Pun intended 🙂

Friday marked our due date. Officially 40 weeks. Here’s some update:

1. I made it my goal that if I made it to my due date, because it fell on a Friday, that I would make it to morning practice. I’ve done plenty of swimming but sleep is hard to come by so I usually go and swim on my own a little later in the morning (aka not at 5:30!). So Friday I went and swam 6:30 to 7:30 to overlap with the team and it was so fun. Unbeknownst to me one of my teammates took a video of me swimming. She thought it was awesome I can still do flip turns although they look more like donuts now! Here’s a YouTube link.

1. Weight and tummy measurements have plateaued. Typically Dr. likes my tummy to measure as many centimeters as weeks along. However, towards the end as baby move lower and lower into my pelvis  my tummy doesn’t  expand out as much. This last appointment I measured 37 cm which is totally normal.  Although baby will still pack on ounces (and pounds) I have slowed. The last four weeks or so I’ve stayed almost exactly the same and lost a pound or two from one appt. to another. Also totally normal…..I may stay under 160 lbs 🙂

2. I’m dilated 1 cm and about 50% effaced. This is good news because my body is making progress. Doctors won’t let women go beyond 42 weeks though so now the time is ticking. We have the option to be induced at any point now but we’ll continue on as a lot can change in the next 10 days.

Our next appointment at 41 weeks involves a non-stress test and a ultra sound. They monitor baby’s heartbeat for 20 minutes and also use the ultra sound to check for fluid levels. If we surpass 41 weeks we will have to schedule an induction which would involve Pitocin to start contractions and they would also break my water. This is our last choice as we’d really like baby to initiate labor. Doctor said I’m a good candidate for induction and the chances of ending in a C-section is low because I have made some progress on my own. The idea of having to be induced definitely brings on anxiety for me so we’ll take all the thoughts and prayers to help baby come on his or her own.

3. It was very surreal hitting our due date.  Although it was fun when a few people asked when I was due and I could say “today”, I’m glad the day is over. I think “due week” would be much nicer than “due date”. It wouldn’t put so much emphasis on one day!

4. Anthony took a few days off last week so we have thoroughly enjoyed spending time together. We watched movies, cooked, went out to dinner, shopped, played with the dog, slept in and although would rather have baby here, have really enjoyed spending time together!

5. I’m still baking…spiced pumpkin bread just came out of the oven #nesting


One thought on “Over due update

  1. So happy you’re doing so well!! I’ve known lots of people who have been induced (and I was given Pitocin with both Lauren and Andrew to move things along ~ Jonathan was “all natural”!), and everything went perfectly, so don’t worry! Hugs to you and Anthony!!

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