Anniversary weekend

Anthony and I celebrated four years of marriage last week! To celebrate we had our 36 week appointment. All is well as usual and now we go every week! Baby is beginning to drop but I didn’t want to know if there was any dilation yet. I can wait a couple weeks before getting my hopes up that we’re truly getting close.  Anthony also celebrated by assembling the bouncer and our rocker. Next post will be the revealing of our completed nursery.

36 weeks

36 weeks

Saturday was one of Dixie’s my favorite days of the year. After I got a great swim in Anthony and I took Dixie to the Dog Days of Summer at the Finley YMCA. This was our 3rd year attending the event and it’s always so fun. For a $15 donation to the We Build People campaign she got to swim her brains out in the pool. The pool closed last weekend so it was time for the dogs to have fun. She swam out and back, over and over to get a ball that Anthony and I would through in the pool. We went right at 10am when the pool opened as the “small” dogs were supposed to swim 10-12 while the larger dogs had free reign 12-2. Even though she was on the larger end of the small dogs, her shy demeanor allows her to have more carefree fun with the smaller dogs. She’s totally uninterested in the other pups and has her eye on the prize: the ball.

I posted a fun video on YouTube:

Anthony also pumped up my birthing ball. It’s actually just an exercise ball but it’s VERY comfortable to sit on and I plan to use it during labor as well. It takes a lot of weight off my back and hips and allows my tummy to hang down some. They have them at the hospital as well so we’ll be able to take advantage of it there too.

With puppy never far away!

With puppy never far away!

With doctors approval I was able to join Anthony at a night away in Charlotte. Anthony surprised me and splurged for a room at the Ritz-Carlton! We knew it would be our last night away before baby arrives and we had a chance to celebrate our anniversary. While Anthony worked a quick store event I power walked through down town then took full advantage of the nicest hotel gym I have, and probably ever will, come across. There were about six different exercise rooms including a yoga and cycling studio! Tummy 1, medicine ball 0.

Ritz workout room

We also took full advantage of the other amenities and wore the robes and slippers, used every fancy soap they had, lounged in the oversized bed with high end pillows and munched on chewy oatmeal cookies. We also enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at The Capital Grill. I had a citrus glazed salmon with green beans and Anthony had a steak fit for a king. We had great conversation and are ready for things to change in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I have my 37 week appointment as well as our last baby class. One couple in our class welcomed their baby boy on Tuesday! This was also Anthony’s last week of far-off travel and from now on will be doing shorter and closer trips. This weekend we’re going to pick up a rug for the “baby corner” in our family room and we’ll get our car seat installed on Monday.

Overall I’m feeling well.  I’ve had a few “off” days here or there and they are mostly tied to a poor nights sleep. Between getting up multiple times for bathroom trips and trying to get comfortable before and after I get up it can make for a restless sleep sometimes. I’m still swimming 3-4 days a week for about an hour. I do flip turns about half the time and I find that actually a pull bouy is more helpful then fins. I’m back to power walking and cover about three miles, two days a week. I take one full day off a week and one other day I take a slower/easier walk. Not many changes besides my growing tummy but my feet have been swelling some.  Dr. said at this point it’s to be expected and it’s nothing to worry about.

Next update will be all about baby’s room!





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