Visit from Grandma-to-be…

I think I can confidently say we are ready for baby! My mom visited this weekend and we checked off almost everything I felt we had left! After picking her up Thursday afternoon we jetted over the pick up our rocker. A picture will be posted once Anthony assembles it 🙂 After dinner on Thursday night tackled a craft for baby’s room. I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was a craft we could handle. I had saved this idea months ago so I knew I needed to save all the cards from the baby showers. I think you would at least need 15 cards if not more because some, although cute, don’t translate well once you cut out a heart shape. See the finished project below!

picture of cards

Michaels was running 50% off all frames so in total this probably cost $20 and adds a personal touch to the room. I LOVE how it turned out! I also loved the Pinterest idea of using a tiered fruit bowl for baby diaper-changing essentials on the changing table. I think this will be a great alternative to shelves! I’ve stocked it with a few wash clothes, pacifiers, lots of newborn diapers and wipes.

diaper holder

On Friday morning my mom and I took the pup for a walk then had breakfast with Anthony. He then had to leave for his last Rock N Roll expo that he’ll be working this year. We then headed out to Buy Buy Baby, TJ Maxx and Carter’s. We took inventory of what we really needed and headed out armed with a list. After a few returns we first picked up a few remaining baby clothes. I realized we have lots of onsies without legs and/or feet so we picked up two pairs of pants and two footed onsies. Next, we printed off our registry from Buy Buy Baby and got the last few things I knew we HAD to have. First our baby carrier! After a lot of research, the ERGO baby carrier won out. I’ve had friends rave about it and it will fit both Anthony and I. We got the optional baby insert as well because I’ve heard you can get some great household tasks down by wearing baby! It’s necessary to help give support when baby is unable to hold his or her head up.

We also got baby hangers, the pack n play sheets and waterproof liners. We were pooped after all that shopping so we headed home to put our feet up before baby class! My mom and dad took Lamaze classes 29 years ago so it was fun for my mom to see how things have changed. She felt there were actually a lot of similarities and we both had fun.

Saturday morning we headed to water aerobics! I’ve never participated in a true water aerobics class and the fact that it was at the outside pool made it even more fun! The class was called 20/20/20 so it combined three-20 minute sets of different types of water aerobics. We got our heart rates up for an hour and even caught a few rays before it got too hot out.

35 weeks at water aerobics

35 weeks at water aerobics

And of course a belly shot….that belt didn’t fit very well with my basketball sized tummy!

water aerobics

On tap for Saturday was a trip to Target. We had a few Target gift cards left so we decided to use it towards our swing. We have plenty of size 1 and 2 diapers but had yet to pick up true newborn size diapers. I had been warned to buy the bare minimum because baby can outgrow them in about two weeks so we got one large box to start. I stocked the changing table in baby’s room as well as a basket downstairs near the pack n play. After Target my mom and I assembled the swing and pack n play and after rearranging the furniture a bit here’s the new space…
family room

The little basket on the floor I have stocked with wipes, diapers, a few blankets, wash clothes and pacifiers. We also lined the pack n play with the waterproof liner and sheets. If baby were to come today we’d be ready!

We polished off Saturday with a bit of shopping in Cameron Village before a great dinner at 518 West. Yum! I dropped my mom off at the airport this morning and could officially say “Next time I see you we’ll have a new addition to the family!”


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