6 weeks out…

I always felt that when my pregnancy app told me we were 6 weeks out from the due date I’d feel we are in the final stretch. Well Friday marked that point and I feel we are getting closer! I had another great appointment Friday as well. BP and everything still looking great. Baby is head down although could still do some flip flopping so if he or she were to flip back to feet down there’s still plenty of time to get back to head down.

I had some fun homework from baby class last week and had to do belly mapping. Basically taking a few minutes when baby is particularly active to try and figure out where all the parts are. It was fun trying to figure out what shape baby was in.

I think the recent on set of some nerve pain coincided with baby flipping head down, and probably the back of baby’s head is now pressing on that nerve over my tailbone because ouch, things have gotten painful! It’s so isolated on my right side that I could probably hop on my left foot and feel nothing but there’s been a few days that every step with my right foot causes a bit of pain. I talked to my dr. about it and she said that’s very common in these last weeks as my hips are changing a lot and my ligaments are loosening up for birth. We’ll give it until my next appointment and then I could go see a chiropractor if I want. We’re getting so close though that I might just suck it up. I do miss going for walks with Dixie, Anthony and my friends though.

Thankfully swimming is my go to more and more and doesn’t seem to aggravate it. We’ve also learned some nice stretches and positions in class that take a lot of pressure off. Particularly a deep squat (Basically I’m just sitting in a squat) which lets my tummy hang between my legs and also sitting on a big exercise ball. I’m heading to target today to get one of our own. It’s offers a lot of cushion which relieves some of the aches and we can also use it during labor to relieve pressure and get baby to drop down.

We have this awesome nature park in our neighborhood that Dixie loves! I can let her off leash and she just sprints through the woods at full speed. It’s kind of fun to see her leaping over trees and through the creek. It’s a great way for me to take her for some exercise but keep the walking to a minimum. I swear she can tell I can’t keep up because she comes back more often than a few months ago to “check in” with me.

Dixie on the trail

I also hung some pictures this week and got the mattress together. We still haven’t picked up the chair because we need a friend to go with us to load it into the car and the store isn’t all the close. Here’s a quick picture of the nursery now….
baby room update

We also had a meeting with our real estate agent this week and she had fantastic news to share about what we could list and sell our house for. An almost identical house to ours sold in 24 days this summer! We’ve got a small to-do list that we need to take care of over the next few months and we think it would make sense to list our house in December. Around the same time we’ll need to get up to MI to find our new house! Thankfully we don’t have too much to do to get our house ready to list (Anthony’s good at staying on top of house related issues) and I think the new roof, counter tops, garage door and landscaping will pay off! First up before then though-Baby!

Oh and happy birthday to soon-to-be Grandpa Carr 🙂


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