Raleigh Shower Weekend

This past weekend was full of love from our closest friends. From near and far they came to support Baby Hall, Anthony and I. It was so much fun to have them all together and we realized just how blessed we are to have them in our life. Our friends from DC arrived late Friday night and so Saturday the girls headed out for shopping while the boys watched sports before the 4pm party.

Our great friends Randy and Lisa hosted the “Baby Party” as Lisa dubbed it (it was NOT a shower 🙂 ) and co-hosting were our good friends Holly and Roger who are due three weeks before Anthony and I. Let me start with the adorable cake!! Notice Dixie (and her mint blankie) and the Clemson onsie! It was even more delicious that it was cute!

Raleigh Cake

Anthony cutting the cake

Anthony and I at Raleigh shower

The food was delicious! Randy is an expert on the grill so he did up some steak and chicken plus made a baby stroller out of a watermelon which was then filled with fruit!

The party had all of our best friends mingling, laughing and telling stories. We got some great baby goodies as well and we left feeling so, so blessed.

Baby pictures of Anthony and I!

Baby pictures of Anthony and I!

The running Lisa's and I

The running Lisa’s and I

College Roomies!

College Roomies!

We all slept in this morning and while the boys brunched the girls and I went for a walk. Since baby is head down now there’s new pressure and an ache that has developed in my lower right back. From what we’ve learned in our class I think it’s the back of baby’s head that’s causing the pain. Thankfully we have only 4-8 weeks left! Although swimming certainly helps some.

Also, at our second baby class Friday night we learned all about the stages of birth. It was VERY informative and even had Anthony asking questions. I especially enjoyed learning the different positions we can try during labor to ease the pain and help get baby to drop down. Our teacher placed these position “pages” around the room and we got to practice each of them which involved each other, a chair or a birthing ball. I think we could use an exercise ball instead of a birthing ball so I’m thinking about borrowing one from a friend because that might have been my favorite way to sit. We ended the class with a relaxation exercise that Anthony and I both really enjoyed!

From here on out my work travel is over so let the nesting begin 🙂 I’m on the last round of baby laundry and Anthony and I can now start organizing all the baby stuff! 33.5 weeks today!


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