Seattle Bound!

I am currently 30,000 feet up in the air en route to Seattle!

Where our dinner reservations are tomorrow!

Where our dinner reservations are tomorrow!

I spent the first two days paddling my rental car to and from the Dearborn office as I stayed at my parents house the last few days. In case you haven’t watched the news Detroit got hammered by so much rain yesterday it caused huge problems. Cars and trucks were stuck and floating around the freeways. It took me 1.5 hours to drive what normally takes 33 minutes!

Enough about my work travel, I know you’d rather hear about how Anthony put on a “pregnancy belly” at our first Lamaze class. It wasn’t a realistic looking belly like you see in the movies (apparently those cost $600!!) but our teacher did have a back pack that she filled with socks. The socks had different labels (blood, baby, placenta, etc.) and were the average weight us pregnant ladies were carrying. Anthony and one other dad had the guts to try it on and we had them do totally normal tasks that are now hard, i.e. tying our shoes. All of us moms had a good laugh!

There are five couples and all of us are giving birth in different hospitals or settings. For example, one will be giving birth at home in a tub and another the Chapel Hill Birthing Center which is the big, “all natural” center around here. Interestingly, I learned they will not let you give birth there if you go into labor before 37 weeks though. (Too much risk I guess) We’re all due within a month of each other and we are second in line after the couple due Sept. 17th. Only seven weeks until our due date come this Friday!

We learned a few stretches and positions we may find comfortable over the next few weeks and played a few games to learn baby and birth related things. The games were especially helpful. For one game the teacher put three different sticky notes on the wall: “In active Labor”, “In Pre Labor” and “Call Doctor”. Each couple was given a few scenarios and we had to place them where we thought appropriate. For example, one of our cards read, “Water breaks, is clear and relatively odorless.” Although some were obvious it led to good questions like, “Ok, so you’re in active labor but do you also have to call your doctor?”.

The other game was similar but involved scenarios that we had to say were “good reasons to induce” or not. This class promotes going naturally and at a minimum will prepare us so that we hopefully won’t have to be induced, or are knowledgeable about when being induced is a good idea. We talked about allowing labor to start naturally as women’s bodies have been doing since the beginning of time. Did you know the highest days for induction are three days before major holidays?! That’s not a coincidence! I wrote down some good questions to ask my OB after this game like, “How long will they let me go?”. Most places won’t let you go past 42 weeks but it’s good to ask before you get to that point. The average birth date for first time moms is 41 weeks and 3 days! That’s well past the 40 week mark and I have no problem waiting if it means I can avoid induction. Also, 50% of people that are induced end of having a C-section!

The teacher said at the very beginning that this class is often times more for the Dads than the Mom’s. It’s true though because every mom to be there had been reading books and not a single dad had 🙂 I don’t think it was as terrible as Anthony thought it would be and the teacher keeps it light hearted and funny. Round two this Friday!


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