And we’ve passed 30 weeks….

This was a fun filled weekend around Raleigh. Saturday mornings I’ve been having some great workouts. I usually get a good night’s sleep and don’t have to set my alarm so when I finally make it to the gym it’s almost 9am. I practically had the pool to myself that past weekend and got in an hour swim with some weights afterwards.

And this is what my Saturday afternoon looked like:

Anthony was having some man-friend pool time so I had Jenny pool time…in the kiddie pool I had bought for Dixie. Really though it was so hot that I knew I wouldn’t last long so I didn’t want to drive all the way to the pool. So I sat myself in this kiddie pool and read some grad school stuff.

Speaking of grad school this class ends this Friday and then I can officially say I’ll be in my last semester of grad school!

Sunday after church we headed to a friends pool and had a big “build your own” sandwich lunch under an awning while it poured. It was so fun and the sun eventually came out so we did get some rays too.

Monday morning I had my 30 week appointment. I can definitely say that the last stretch of weeks between appointments I’ve noticed the most changes. I definitely get fatigued more quickly and I feel as though baby went through a growth spurt because I am looking preg-nant! I told this to the Dr. and he said yep, that’s what happens and that’s what will continue to happen until the end. I get more and more strangers asking when I’m due and these past few weeks have been fun to see all my retailers who all have been so excited for Anthony and I.

Now Baby Hall is approximately the size of a…..
and is about three pounds. Now appointments will be every two weeks then eventually move to every week. Baby’s heart rate was great and my BP was right one track. They also make sure I’m feeling baby often and throughout the day which I definitely do. I’m up 18lbs so far and Dr. would like to see me stay under 30 by the end so as long as I don’t switch to the pizza diet I think we’ll be ok.

I find myself getting more out of breath while exercising so I take a few extra breaks when swimming. The elliptical, which used to be pretty easy, has me on a level 3 or a 4 and I’m already sweating. Oh well, I seem to be adjusting my workouts as I go every few weeks and from here on out as long as I’m getting some good movement most days of the week I’m happy. I get too bored swimming more than three days a week so lately I’ve been swimming three, elliptical or cycle two days, a walk one and day of rest. The walk day is pretty relaxed and at this point I just try and do a couple miles. Keeps Dixie happy 🙂

Up this weekend is the Hall family shower so we’ll be heading to the mountains Friday!


2 thoughts on “And we’ve passed 30 weeks….

  1. I hope Anthony is ramping up his workouts! He need to be carrying a backpack equal in weight to your gain. When that baby arrives he will take over the carry the baby job either with a front loader of backpack. I don’t want to hear that his back is tired at Christmas!

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