And we have a crib!

I had my first week of work travel this week. I wasn’t as tired as I thought all the presentations might make me but I’ve got a few weeks to go. It helps to have Rebecca (the trainee shadowing me) assist and I had her doing some presenting as well which gave my feet a rest. Next week we’re off to Florence, SC.

Anthony was busy this weekend putting together our crib that had arrived. I supervised (read grad school stuff and held things together) and of course Dixie was part of the fun. Now we’ve got to get a mattress and we already have some sheets! I’m glad we went with white. I think it looks great with the curtain and wall color. Now we’re thinking maybe some small shelves to hold books and toys finish it off.
I also had some great conversations with a friend and we’re thinking through the logistics of what to put into our bedroom along with the bassinet. Although the rocker will permanently end up in the nursery we may put in in the nook in our bedroom to start. We also want to put a small table or something we can change diapers on. I think it will take the extra step of leaving our room and heading down the hallway, most especially during those first months. This will allow me to easily sit in the rocker to nurse during the night and Anthony can to easily change diapers too.


week 29 and crib

We had a busy weekend and after crib assembly we went to a diaper party for friends of ours. They are expecting baby #2 in just a few weeks so instead of a traditional shower we all brought diapers and wipes. We also got a restaurant gift card for the mom and dad and a “Big Sister” gift to their two year old.

Here’s some week 29 pictures:
week 29

And because I just happened to have my phone with me in the hotel gym and the medicine ball/tummy comparison was too funny not to capture….
crib 2

Some 29 week updates: I felt hiccups for the first time! I always wondered how one could tell the difference between that and other little jabs or feel them at all. But sure enough, I knew right away and couldn’t help but stop and smile. They are the only movement with any sort of pattern and because they cause babies head to jerk a bit that’s what I am actually feeling. Lots of movement everyday/all day now! Baby is approximately the size of a small cabbage, 17 inches long and nearly 2.9 pounds. So baby will at least double if not almost triple their weight in the next ten weeks!

I skipped any excess walking this week to give my right foot a rest. I swam a lot and jumped on the elliptical as well and everything feels ok. Today I went for a 2.5 mile walk and it still feels ok so I think I’m in the clear.

Sleep is getting a little more uncomfortable. In general I fall asleep ok but I wake myself up when I try to roll over because I’ve got a belly to take with me. I exercise about 6 days a week and I find that really helps me sleep. I’m also sneaking in a few extra naps each week as I can tell my body needs the extra rest. Growing another human being wears me out! Who would have thought? 🙂


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