28 week progress

Well my running days are over. In a very anti-climactic .3’s mile into a run I decided my feet had had enough. My right foot in particular has been very achy and after a super long walk on Saturday (at which time I knew I overdid it) it was very painful to walk. I iced it and have stayed off it as best I can but it is still a bit frustrating. I certainly don’t want to actually cause damage so I’ll stick to spinning and swimming this week and maybe try a short walk this weekend. Between the weight gain and change in gate my poor feet are unhappy.

I’ve noticed a considerable change in my energy level even now early on in the 3rd trimester. The heat definitely contributes to the fatigue but I also think I had such an easy 1st and 2nd trimester that everything is starting to catch up with me. I’ve put on the normal amount of weight but it still doesn’t mean I like carrying it around 🙂 I feel larger than I look but man does it look like I have a basketball under my shirt or what?! From here on out baby is just gaining weight so let the growing begin!

week 28 front

week 28 side

My in-laws visited this week and man did we get a lot done! My mother in law Mary, and I rearranged the family room some to make room for a baby corner. We hope to add a rug and we’ll put the swing and other play things in the space. Anthony and his dad hung two ceiling fans. One in our now shared office and one in the baby room. They hung multiple curtain rods and got other odd’s and ends done around the house. They also brought the dresser/changing table. It’s nice because now I’ve got somewhere to store all the blankets and clothes we’ve gotten. My mother in law and I also tackled the curtains and I am SO thrilled at how they turned out! Despite my mini sewing machine pooping out we sewed the two shades by hand and they look great!


The fabric was 50% at Jo Anns so we got a yard and a half for about $14 and the valance rods were less than $5 for both. If I had bought these from Target it would have cost nearly $50!! I love that the pattern is fun but not overly “baby-ish”. The crib should arrive next week so that will certainly fill up the space.

This week I am back to some work travel with a day and a half trip to Columbia. With the help of Rebecca, the sales trainee traveling with me, it shouldn’t be too tiring but I will have a to do the first few presentations to get us going. I’ll have her start with presenting one or two portions of the line and within a week I’ll probably have her presenting the whole thing. She’ll be nervous but what better way to learn!


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