Michigan Weekend

This past weekend Anthony and I spent what will be our last weekend in Michigan as a family of two!

Thursday: With Dixie on board, we drove all day and I’m happy to report we only took four bathroom breaks during a 11.5 hr drive!

Friday: We kicked off 4th of July with the Northville parade. We loved seeing all the red, white and blue up and down the cute streets of downtown. Little girls in bows and dresses are so cute to me. Maybe next year we’ll have one of them! My mom and I jetted early to make one of my best friend’s bridal showers. It was a very nice shower, catered and everything! There were tons of fun games including one in which a big tri-fold board displayed twelve wedding themed movies. The movie poster photos shown had pictures of the bride and groom in place of the movie stars and it was hilarious! The person who could figure out the most movie titles won. Prizes for all the games were lottery tickets which was so fun.

2014-07-04 14.13.00

Friday afternoon and evening we had family and friends over for a fantastic cook out. The food was delicious as my mom is an all star cook and the weather was perfect for sitting outside until it was dark. By days end I was absolutely pooped!

Saturday was another jam packed day. The same bride to be had her bachelorette party so at about 2 o’clock I headed down to Detroit to join in for the Tiger’s game and dinner. Anthony and Sarah came along for the game and it just so happened they were two sections over from us. Although the Tiger’s got smoked we had a blast!
2014-07-05 19.20.21
2014-07-05 19.05.33

After the game all the ladies went back to the hotel that was reserved for the night and my friend opened her presents. I enjoyed the virgin shots my friend made for the two pregnant ladies while everyone else enjoyed the real deal. We ended the night with a great dinner then I met back up with Sarah and Anthony to head home while the other ladies went out on the town. I’m so glad I could partake in her festivities because I won’t make her wedding as it’s back in MI about two weeks before my due date.

Sunday was my baby shower day! After church we prepared for the party to start at 2pm and it was a whirlwind that went by too fast! I had friends and family from near and far come to celebrate baby Hall and it was so humbling. We played two fun games including trivia, which put together a great mix of people onto teams. We quizzed people on my cravings and habits, pregnancy woes I’ve experienced, crazy pregnancy facts (did you know a baby has been born with 12 teeth!!?) and other fun topics. The winning team got baby utensils 🙂 The second games had everyone guessing how long a string was needed to fit around my tummy. Only one person guessed too small! It was hilarious trying on all the strings because there often was room for another person along with my tummy! We also got so many nice gifts and coming home with all those baby related items makes this feel more real each day!
2014-07-06 15.47.09
Michigan Shower
Family Shower photo

This will be my Grandmas 10th great grandchild so we gave her a name tag that said so 🙂

Monday we slept in a bit longer as the past days had caught up with us. We spent time packing up the gifts and generally lazing around to prepare for our drive back on Tuesday. Tuesday’s drive was uneventful and we were glad to be home in our own beds last night.

It was surreal to think that everyone we saw at the shower we will being seeing next when we are a family of three, I am a Mom and Anthony is a Dad. Talk about things starting to feel real. We are now 12 weeks out!


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