And we’ve passed 30 weeks….

This was a fun filled weekend around Raleigh. Saturday mornings I’ve been having some great workouts. I usually get a good night’s sleep and don’t have to set my alarm so when I finally make it to the gym it’s almost 9am. I practically had the pool to myself that past weekend and got in an hour swim with some weights afterwards.

And this is what my Saturday afternoon looked like:

Anthony was having some man-friend pool time so I had Jenny pool time…in the kiddie pool I had bought for Dixie. Really though it was so hot that I knew I wouldn’t last long so I didn’t want to drive all the way to the pool. So I sat myself in this kiddie pool and read some grad school stuff.

Speaking of grad school this class ends this Friday and then I can officially say I’ll be in my last semester of grad school!

Sunday after church we headed to a friends pool and had a big “build your own” sandwich lunch under an awning while it poured. It was so fun and the sun eventually came out so we did get some rays too.

Monday morning I had my 30 week appointment. I can definitely say that the last stretch of weeks between appointments I’ve noticed the most changes. I definitely get fatigued more quickly and I feel as though baby went through a growth spurt because I am looking preg-nant! I told this to the Dr. and he said yep, that’s what happens and that’s what will continue to happen until the end. I get more and more strangers asking when I’m due and these past few weeks have been fun to see all my retailers who all have been so excited for Anthony and I.

Now Baby Hall is approximately the size of a…..
and is about three pounds. Now appointments will be every two weeks then eventually move to every week. Baby’s heart rate was great and my BP was right one track. They also make sure I’m feeling baby often and throughout the day which I definitely do. I’m up 18lbs so far and Dr. would like to see me stay under 30 by the end so as long as I don’t switch to the pizza diet I think we’ll be ok.

I find myself getting more out of breath while exercising so I take a few extra breaks when swimming. The elliptical, which used to be pretty easy, has me on a level 3 or a 4 and I’m already sweating. Oh well, I seem to be adjusting my workouts as I go every few weeks and from here on out as long as I’m getting some good movement most days of the week I’m happy. I get too bored swimming more than three days a week so lately I’ve been swimming three, elliptical or cycle two days, a walk one and day of rest. The walk day is pretty relaxed and at this point I just try and do a couple miles. Keeps Dixie happy 🙂

Up this weekend is the Hall family shower so we’ll be heading to the mountains Friday!


And we have a crib!

I had my first week of work travel this week. I wasn’t as tired as I thought all the presentations might make me but I’ve got a few weeks to go. It helps to have Rebecca (the trainee shadowing me) assist and I had her doing some presenting as well which gave my feet a rest. Next week we’re off to Florence, SC.

Anthony was busy this weekend putting together our crib that had arrived. I supervised (read grad school stuff and held things together) and of course Dixie was part of the fun. Now we’ve got to get a mattress and we already have some sheets! I’m glad we went with white. I think it looks great with the curtain and wall color. Now we’re thinking maybe some small shelves to hold books and toys finish it off.
I also had some great conversations with a friend and we’re thinking through the logistics of what to put into our bedroom along with the bassinet. Although the rocker will permanently end up in the nursery we may put in in the nook in our bedroom to start. We also want to put a small table or something we can change diapers on. I think it will take the extra step of leaving our room and heading down the hallway, most especially during those first months. This will allow me to easily sit in the rocker to nurse during the night and Anthony can to easily change diapers too.


week 29 and crib

We had a busy weekend and after crib assembly we went to a diaper party for friends of ours. They are expecting baby #2 in just a few weeks so instead of a traditional shower we all brought diapers and wipes. We also got a restaurant gift card for the mom and dad and a “Big Sister” gift to their two year old.

Here’s some week 29 pictures:
week 29

And because I just happened to have my phone with me in the hotel gym and the medicine ball/tummy comparison was too funny not to capture….
crib 2

Some 29 week updates: I felt hiccups for the first time! I always wondered how one could tell the difference between that and other little jabs or feel them at all. But sure enough, I knew right away and couldn’t help but stop and smile. They are the only movement with any sort of pattern and because they cause babies head to jerk a bit that’s what I am actually feeling. Lots of movement everyday/all day now! Baby is approximately the size of a small cabbage, 17 inches long and nearly 2.9 pounds. So baby will at least double if not almost triple their weight in the next ten weeks!

I skipped any excess walking this week to give my right foot a rest. I swam a lot and jumped on the elliptical as well and everything feels ok. Today I went for a 2.5 mile walk and it still feels ok so I think I’m in the clear.

Sleep is getting a little more uncomfortable. In general I fall asleep ok but I wake myself up when I try to roll over because I’ve got a belly to take with me. I exercise about 6 days a week and I find that really helps me sleep. I’m also sneaking in a few extra naps each week as I can tell my body needs the extra rest. Growing another human being wears me out! Who would have thought? 🙂

28 week progress

Well my running days are over. In a very anti-climactic .3’s mile into a run I decided my feet had had enough. My right foot in particular has been very achy and after a super long walk on Saturday (at which time I knew I overdid it) it was very painful to walk. I iced it and have stayed off it as best I can but it is still a bit frustrating. I certainly don’t want to actually cause damage so I’ll stick to spinning and swimming this week and maybe try a short walk this weekend. Between the weight gain and change in gate my poor feet are unhappy.

I’ve noticed a considerable change in my energy level even now early on in the 3rd trimester. The heat definitely contributes to the fatigue but I also think I had such an easy 1st and 2nd trimester that everything is starting to catch up with me. I’ve put on the normal amount of weight but it still doesn’t mean I like carrying it around 🙂 I feel larger than I look but man does it look like I have a basketball under my shirt or what?! From here on out baby is just gaining weight so let the growing begin!

week 28 front

week 28 side

My in-laws visited this week and man did we get a lot done! My mother in law Mary, and I rearranged the family room some to make room for a baby corner. We hope to add a rug and we’ll put the swing and other play things in the space. Anthony and his dad hung two ceiling fans. One in our now shared office and one in the baby room. They hung multiple curtain rods and got other odd’s and ends done around the house. They also brought the dresser/changing table. It’s nice because now I’ve got somewhere to store all the blankets and clothes we’ve gotten. My mother in law and I also tackled the curtains and I am SO thrilled at how they turned out! Despite my mini sewing machine pooping out we sewed the two shades by hand and they look great!


The fabric was 50% at Jo Anns so we got a yard and a half for about $14 and the valance rods were less than $5 for both. If I had bought these from Target it would have cost nearly $50!! I love that the pattern is fun but not overly “baby-ish”. The crib should arrive next week so that will certainly fill up the space.

This week I am back to some work travel with a day and a half trip to Columbia. With the help of Rebecca, the sales trainee traveling with me, it shouldn’t be too tiring but I will have a to do the first few presentations to get us going. I’ll have her start with presenting one or two portions of the line and within a week I’ll probably have her presenting the whole thing. She’ll be nervous but what better way to learn!

Michigan Weekend

This past weekend Anthony and I spent what will be our last weekend in Michigan as a family of two!

Thursday: With Dixie on board, we drove all day and I’m happy to report we only took four bathroom breaks during a 11.5 hr drive!

Friday: We kicked off 4th of July with the Northville parade. We loved seeing all the red, white and blue up and down the cute streets of downtown. Little girls in bows and dresses are so cute to me. Maybe next year we’ll have one of them! My mom and I jetted early to make one of my best friend’s bridal showers. It was a very nice shower, catered and everything! There were tons of fun games including one in which a big tri-fold board displayed twelve wedding themed movies. The movie poster photos shown had pictures of the bride and groom in place of the movie stars and it was hilarious! The person who could figure out the most movie titles won. Prizes for all the games were lottery tickets which was so fun.

2014-07-04 14.13.00

Friday afternoon and evening we had family and friends over for a fantastic cook out. The food was delicious as my mom is an all star cook and the weather was perfect for sitting outside until it was dark. By days end I was absolutely pooped!

Saturday was another jam packed day. The same bride to be had her bachelorette party so at about 2 o’clock I headed down to Detroit to join in for the Tiger’s game and dinner. Anthony and Sarah came along for the game and it just so happened they were two sections over from us. Although the Tiger’s got smoked we had a blast!
2014-07-05 19.20.21
2014-07-05 19.05.33

After the game all the ladies went back to the hotel that was reserved for the night and my friend opened her presents. I enjoyed the virgin shots my friend made for the two pregnant ladies while everyone else enjoyed the real deal. We ended the night with a great dinner then I met back up with Sarah and Anthony to head home while the other ladies went out on the town. I’m so glad I could partake in her festivities because I won’t make her wedding as it’s back in MI about two weeks before my due date.

Sunday was my baby shower day! After church we prepared for the party to start at 2pm and it was a whirlwind that went by too fast! I had friends and family from near and far come to celebrate baby Hall and it was so humbling. We played two fun games including trivia, which put together a great mix of people onto teams. We quizzed people on my cravings and habits, pregnancy woes I’ve experienced, crazy pregnancy facts (did you know a baby has been born with 12 teeth!!?) and other fun topics. The winning team got baby utensils 🙂 The second games had everyone guessing how long a string was needed to fit around my tummy. Only one person guessed too small! It was hilarious trying on all the strings because there often was room for another person along with my tummy! We also got so many nice gifts and coming home with all those baby related items makes this feel more real each day!
2014-07-06 15.47.09
Michigan Shower
Family Shower photo

This will be my Grandmas 10th great grandchild so we gave her a name tag that said so 🙂

Monday we slept in a bit longer as the past days had caught up with us. We spent time packing up the gifts and generally lazing around to prepare for our drive back on Tuesday. Tuesday’s drive was uneventful and we were glad to be home in our own beds last night.

It was surreal to think that everyone we saw at the shower we will being seeing next when we are a family of three, I am a Mom and Anthony is a Dad. Talk about things starting to feel real. We are now 12 weeks out!