26 week update…

Week 25 was spent up in Dearborn, MI as I was attending the Spring ’15 sales meeting. The milder temperatures were much appreciated. There was lots of good food to be had but not as much sleep. Mornings were extra early and days full of critical thinking can wear a pregnant lady out. Needless to say I came home from swimming on Saturday and took a much needed nap.

We did get some things checked off our to-do list though! It wasn’t all napping around here ๐Ÿ™‚ We visited GreenPea Baby store where we made our final decision on our rocker. I have heard that I’ll be spending a lot of time in one so we didn’t want to go too cheap. Below is a picture of the chair we decided on although we chose white wood with a nice grey, patterned fabric. It takes 8-10 weeks to arrive so I’m glad we got on that. In ten weeks we should technically have our bags packed!The crib is up next but won’t take as long to arrive.


We also picked up the jogging stroller that Grammy Hall was giving us as a shower gift. Truth be told we went to REI to get the oh-so-famous BOB Revolution stroller but came out with a different purchase. Meet the Thule Urban Glide Stroller (or as the sales associate called it, the “BOB killer”)
thule stroller

We got to push both the Urban Glide and BOB revolution around the store and Anthony and I both couldn’t believe the weight difference between the two! It was 23 pounds and was extremely easy for both of us to collapse and pop open which will be important as we put it in and out of the car. The BOB Revolution was over 28 pounds and generally had a lot more “stuff” on it. We loved how sleek the Urban Glide was and cannot wait to put it to use!
Anthony and Thule

Tomorrow is our 26 week appointment at which I get to take the glucose test. I arrive at 9:20 and after drinking a super sugary drink I must sit for an hour while my body begins to process the sugar. They then test for gestational diabetes by drawing blood to see how your body has processed the sugar. It’s one of the most common pregnancy health problems and can go undetected unless you catch it early with testing. Sounds like a fun morning to me ๐Ÿ™‚


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