Bumping through week 25….

I thought I would pop in to share some 25 week ramblings while Baby Hall who is now the size of an eggplant and nearly 2 pounds does Tae Bo in my tummy….

1. Next week is my sales meeting in Michigan. I’m looking forward to some cool morning and walk/runs with my coworkers. This will be my last flight pregnant and I am so glad I didn’t come down with something after the four flights it took me to get to and from San Fran last week. I guess my germaphobness helped and I ended up wiping down my whole seat area with Lysol wipes and used hand sanitizer constantly. I’ll definitely repeat that for this Michigan flight!

2. We’ve got the baby room cleaned out and painted and the carpet cleaners are coming this week. We’ve got to prep some tomorrow like vacuuming and picking up furniture but I look forward to coming home to clean carpets!

3. Next up we hope to get a rocker ordered. I’ve done some searching around and a local baby store in Cary, Green Pea Baby Store, that has a great selection. Below is one I particularly liked that wouldn’t break the bank but we’ll go check out a few models. I also really like the color and probably would take it as is! Some, depending on the fabric you choose though, can take 10-12 weeks so we need to get going!

Sweet Pea chair

4. I booked a newborn photographer. There’s not much to book since it all depends on when baby arrives but she has got us on her calendar. Once baby is here we’ll book an appointment around 7-12 days old when baby is most sleepy and bendy 🙂 You can check out her portfolio here.

5. Anthony will be bringing back the dresser/changing table from his parents this week. We’ll do some crib shopping in the next few weekends since we’ll have a drawer to take with for matching purposes. We’re hoping to find a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 which means it slowly transforms into a toddler bed with the removal of some sides. That way we can use it for years to come.

6. My Summer 1 class, Marketing and Innovation, just ended and wow it went by fast! Next up in Summer 2 is Organizational Behavior which will be an accelerated six week course. And then, the phrase that I couldn’t wait to say, “I’m in my last semester of grad school” will be true!! My days of being an ECU pirate are coming to an end!

2014-06-09 20.46.01


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