26 week update…

Week 25 was spent up in Dearborn, MI as I was attending the Spring ’15 sales meeting. The milder temperatures were much appreciated. There was lots of good food to be had but not as much sleep. Mornings were extra early and days full of critical thinking can wear a pregnant lady out. Needless to say I came home from swimming on Saturday and took a much needed nap.

We did get some things checked off our to-do list though! It wasn’t all napping around here 🙂 We visited GreenPea Baby store where we made our final decision on our rocker. I have heard that I’ll be spending a lot of time in one so we didn’t want to go too cheap. Below is a picture of the chair we decided on although we chose white wood with a nice grey, patterned fabric. It takes 8-10 weeks to arrive so I’m glad we got on that. In ten weeks we should technically have our bags packed!The crib is up next but won’t take as long to arrive.


We also picked up the jogging stroller that Grammy Hall was giving us as a shower gift. Truth be told we went to REI to get the oh-so-famous BOB Revolution stroller but came out with a different purchase. Meet the Thule Urban Glide Stroller (or as the sales associate called it, the “BOB killer”)
thule stroller

We got to push both the Urban Glide and BOB revolution around the store and Anthony and I both couldn’t believe the weight difference between the two! It was 23 pounds and was extremely easy for both of us to collapse and pop open which will be important as we put it in and out of the car. The BOB Revolution was over 28 pounds and generally had a lot more “stuff” on it. We loved how sleek the Urban Glide was and cannot wait to put it to use!
Anthony and Thule

Tomorrow is our 26 week appointment at which I get to take the glucose test. I arrive at 9:20 and after drinking a super sugary drink I must sit for an hour while my body begins to process the sugar. They then test for gestational diabetes by drawing blood to see how your body has processed the sugar. It’s one of the most common pregnancy health problems and can go undetected unless you catch it early with testing. Sounds like a fun morning to me 🙂


Bumping through week 25….

I thought I would pop in to share some 25 week ramblings while Baby Hall who is now the size of an eggplant and nearly 2 pounds does Tae Bo in my tummy….

1. Next week is my sales meeting in Michigan. I’m looking forward to some cool morning and walk/runs with my coworkers. This will be my last flight pregnant and I am so glad I didn’t come down with something after the four flights it took me to get to and from San Fran last week. I guess my germaphobness helped and I ended up wiping down my whole seat area with Lysol wipes and used hand sanitizer constantly. I’ll definitely repeat that for this Michigan flight!

2. We’ve got the baby room cleaned out and painted and the carpet cleaners are coming this week. We’ve got to prep some tomorrow like vacuuming and picking up furniture but I look forward to coming home to clean carpets!

3. Next up we hope to get a rocker ordered. I’ve done some searching around and a local baby store in Cary, Green Pea Baby Store, that has a great selection. Below is one I particularly liked that wouldn’t break the bank but we’ll go check out a few models. I also really like the color and probably would take it as is! Some, depending on the fabric you choose though, can take 10-12 weeks so we need to get going!

Sweet Pea chair

4. I booked a newborn photographer. There’s not much to book since it all depends on when baby arrives but she has got us on her calendar. Once baby is here we’ll book an appointment around 7-12 days old when baby is most sleepy and bendy 🙂 You can check out her portfolio here.

5. Anthony will be bringing back the dresser/changing table from his parents this week. We’ll do some crib shopping in the next few weekends since we’ll have a drawer to take with for matching purposes. We’re hoping to find a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 which means it slowly transforms into a toddler bed with the removal of some sides. That way we can use it for years to come.

6. My Summer 1 class, Marketing and Innovation, just ended and wow it went by fast! Next up in Summer 2 is Organizational Behavior which will be an accelerated six week course. And then, the phrase that I couldn’t wait to say, “I’m in my last semester of grad school” will be true!! My days of being an ECU pirate are coming to an end!

2014-06-09 20.46.01

I left my heart in San Francisco

Well not really but it sounded witty 🙂

My week started out with my “Marketing and Innovation” MBA class trip to Silicon Valley. We visited Google, Apple, Salesforce, Goodby Silverstein and Associates (super famous ad agency who launched “Got Milk?” and the Old Spice commercials among other works), Clorox, Netflix, WalmartLabs, Twitter and Joyent. It was a whirlwind and the learning’s I took away were invaluable.

Then the fun started when my mom joined me on Friday afternoon. We rented a car and drove down to Half Moon Bay for the first night.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

I did some research prior to the trip and found the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve not ten minutes from our hotel at Moss Beach. The unique thing about the reserve is you have to time your visit with the tides. So if you are lucky enough to have a low tide during park hours you can check out the marine life that is left throughout the shoreline while the tides are out. The park technically opens at 8am and the low tide was at 6:30 so we weren’t overly optimistic about how much we might see in the pools but it turned out to be fabulous! It was a great surprise. Tons of little creatures were in the tide pools and not too far out were dozens of seals.
2014-06-14 11.44.46
Pretty mom with seals in the background

Pretty mom with seals in the background

2014-06-14 12.01.15
2014-06-14 12.02.14
From here we drove to Sausalito, a super cute town just outside San Francisco. I would highly recommend a visit to this quant town! We shopped, shared tuna sandwiches, sat in the sun along the water and walked around the entire town until we decided it was time to head to our San Fran hotel. Upon checking in we headed out to check out Chinatown which was just blocks from the Hilton we were staying it. *It’s worth the extra cost of staying in a hotel within walking distance of everything. And walk we did!
china town
We found a great, authentic Chinese restaurant where we split a bunch of dishes but saved room for some authentic Chinese desserts- a butterfly cookie and moon pie (not anything like an American moon pie). We crashed at about 8pm and prepared for our big bus tour on Sunday.

Sunday morning we headed out to meet our tour which was guided by Brendan who was born and raised in San Fran. The fact that he was a local definitely added a level of credibility to the tour. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

2014-06-15 13.42.37
2014-06-15 14.04.33
2014-06-15 15.48.52

Redwood Trees in Muir Woods

Redwood Trees in Muir Woods

2014-06-15 16.40.49
2014-06-15 16.44.29
2014-06-15 18.18.30
Almost 25 weeks!

Almost 25 weeks!

On Monday we walked down to the Pier 39 which is also Fisherman’s Wharf where the seals hang out. From there we walked down to the Ferry Building. If you enjoy unique, delicious food from those that offer only what they specialize in, this stop is a must. We enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup but not just any grilled cheese and soup. The grilled cheeses had unique cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and hummus and the tomato soup was just delicious. There were vendors up and down the building with unique eats and gifts. Another pleasant surprise.

After dinner in Little Italy we packed up and headed to our hotel outside the airport to make catching our early flights a bit easier. It was a fantastic trip and I’m so glad I decided to take the class and that my mom was able to join me for some fun vacation days!
San Fran

Weekend in pictures

After hitting 23 weeks on Friday, here are some pictures of our happenings lately.

23 week sillyness

23 week sillyness

Before painting

Before painting

Our support team post painting

Our support team post painting

"Wishful Mist" for our baby room!

“Wishful Mist” for our baby room!

Saturday morning- 23 week and 32 week runners

Saturday morning- 23 week and 32 week runners

Weekend happenings….

This past weekend Anthony and I had a blast cheering on some friends competing in the Raleigh Half Ironman. It was a beautiful day out and my running partner Lisa reserved a table at an awesome brunch spot just steps from the course. So all of us spectating and cheering enjoyed brunch while cheering on all the runners. We were sitting right at mile 6.5 and because the run portion was two loops we were also about .1 miles from the finish. My swimming friend Kelley came along too and we saw five people we swim with competing as well. It was a ton of fun.

Watching all the athletes made me a bit envious and I’m looking forward to signing up for a few races in early 2015 as a mom! 🙂

Random new craving: hard boiled eggs (with salt) yum! I’ve also been making a lot of smoothies lately.

My good college friend Allie, who currently lives in Germany, surprised me with a “Running for Two” tank. It’s a extra long length, has tons of stretch and a very cute message. For Two Fitness is the brand and they make all sorts of exercise themed tops (cycling for two, lifting for two, etc.) I wore it for a 3 mile run on Sunday morning and I don’t know if it was the tank or the weather but it was the best jog I’ve had in weeks.

Running for Two!

Running for Two!

The couch is officially out of the nursery as a friend took it to his new place. Anthony’s desk will be in my office by weeks end and we’ve got carpet cleaning scheduled.

Next week I leave for a grad school trip to California! It’s been a long time coming and I’m looking forward to meeting with some awesome innovative companies including Google, Joyent, Saleforce.com, WalmartLabs, Clorox (we’re meeting with the CEO) and Yahoo to name a few!