22 weeks

We have reached the 22 week mark and here’s some updates after a great doctor appointment on Wednesday.

22 weeks

22 weeks

Movement: Should feel regular, daily movement. I feel baby doing his or her exercise about an hour or two after lunch every day. I’ve started feeling regular movement in the evenings now too. One night as I was lying on my side it was pretty consistent and so I had Anthony press his hand about where baby was and sure enough he could feel it too!

Weight gain: Nine pounds so far and right on track. Tummy should measure plus or minus one centimeter as many weeks along as I am so sure enough it measured 22 cm and at my appointment I was just shy of 22 weeks.

Activity: Running is winding down. With the exception of down-hills or a cool morning it’s just getting increasingly uncomfortable. I’ll jog/walk some more but the walking portion is making up more and more of the mileage. I haven’t tried the treadmill because I like the outside time for Dixie’s sake but at this point I can get more out of a long walk that a short run anyways. Swimming will become my go-to even more than it already is. I have found myself wearing fins, particularly when kicking on my back, because the extra pounds cause my hips to sink.

Next appointment: In four weeks I’ll have the glucose test along with my regular appointment. At that point I’ll be 26 weeks so they will determine if I can go another 4 weeks or start on the every two week schedule.

Hospital thoughts: I had a chance to ask my OB her thoughts about a doula. A doula is basically a birthing coach that is there from start to finish. Unlike a midwife, they cannot actually deliver the baby or administer any help. I’m planning to go natural, for as long as I can at least. I like the idea of laboring at home and the doula would come to our house to help us then go with us to the hospital. My OB said a doula can be a great, constant support person. She said first time parents don’t realize how nurses and doctors come and go and it can be very nice for both mom and dad to have constant “coach” in the room. She said it’s totally personal preference but it can be a great idea.

We also have to register at the hospital. Basically we fill out some early information, and let Rex hospital know we’re planning on delivering there.

Other stats: Heartbeat was 150 and will start to come down over the next months. My blood pressure was great and doctor actually said she didn’t have much for me because everything was perfect. I haven’t had the best of luck staying healthy on the two plan trips I’ve taken thus far so we talked a bit about what I can do to try and ward off sickness on two upcoming trips I have. She recommended loading up on vitamin C. She looked up Airborne but there are some unspecified ingredients so she advised to skip it.

Teeth: Besides extra bleeding which is normal, I obviously have a bit of a different situation because of my braces. I’m in fact done with my braces however I cannot have the oral surgery while pregnant. So for fear of the teeth moving back (we’ve worked hard to get just millimeters of room) the braces will stay on. How ironic that I was so concerned with how long I’d have to wear them and now I’m stuck with them for nearly six extra months. Once baby arrives and we’ve got a system down for feedings, etc. I’ll go ahead and schedule the surgery.

That’s all for now in the land of baby Hall!


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