“To-do” update

1. We found childcare. I guess I had to waste the money on SitterCity.com to truly realize that a nanny just won’t work for us. Because we don’t have set work schedules we were worried about being surprised some months with the cost and in the end we decided a more traditional day care schedule and consistent price would do us best. Bonus* the child care center we chose even offers a discount if you take a week vacation! They were the only place we toured to offer that feature.

We decided on Primary Beginnings which is a five star school no more than 2 miles from us. I went ahead and visited their center last week while Anthony was on the road to either rule it out or hopefully discover it was “the one”. Within the first ten minutes I could tell this was finally it. We’ll go back this week for Anthony to have a look and put down our deposit to hold out January spot in the infant room. I was impressed by the large size of the infant and it was so calm and peaceful. When I walked in on my tour both teachers were rocking babies (not because they were crying) which I really liked. The other babies were either napping or playing and the room was just very serene. Thank goodness we can mark this off our list!

2. Upcoming travel: This weekend we are celebrating a baby moon! I think this is a new, official term for a husband and wife getaway before baby comes. Obviously baby isn’t coming any time soon but this summer will be pretty busy for us so we decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend. We’re headed to New York and we already bought tickets to Wicked! I might be the only person that has never visited New York and I can’t wait to take it all in. Besides, who knows when we’ll be back!

In June I will be joining my Marketing and Innovation MBA class for a trip to Silicon Valley. Technically it’s considered a study abroad because it’s out of state and we’ll be meeting with some of the top innovative companies like Tesla, SafesForce, Joyent, Clorox (with a personal meeting with the CEO!) and Twitter just to name a few. My mom will then be flying out to join me for a few extra days in San Francisco! We have a day planned in the Half Moon Bay area, two days in San Fran where we’ll do a tour including Muir Forest to see the Redwoods, and we hope to do Alcatraz as well. I like to think of this as a second baby moon for me but this time with my mom 🙂

3. I had my first two strangers ask when I was due. I officially look pregnant to people that don’t know me. haha! The pictures below I took before a Saturday walk/jog with a friend.

20 weeks, 1 day

20 weeks, 1 day

Front View!

Front View!

4. Work plans: I am lucky enough to have some assistance my last few months of pregnancy and then my entire maternity leave. I will have a sales trainee traveling with me starting the end of the June and she will assist me with all my presentations this summer. The help will be much appreciated as it can get pretty hot down here during July and August while I’m loading and unloading samples, in and out of accounts and hotels. She’ll have the opportunity to meet most of my customers and while I’m on maternity leave she will travel my territory and assist retailers in any way they need. As a bonus it will be fantastic hands on training for her as she’ll be fully on her own for a few months in October and November. This last week I’ve had multiple calls with her to help her plan out her living situation while here, travel thoughts, etc.

5. Off to register tonight!


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