Happy Half Way!

Somehow we are already at the half way mark! With that said Anthony and I have some things on our list of “next steps”.

1. Select child care. We’ve toured four schools, met with one potential sitter/nanny, and have signed up for SitterCity.com. SitterCity is much like Care.com which has a lot of commercials out right now. We signed up for just one month and created a profile of what we’re looking for in a nanny. We can also search their database for nannies in our area. The nanny profiles are very informative and share everything from their experience, special certifications, background checks, references and what their needs or wants are. I’ve reached out to three nanny’s so we’ll see where that goes.

There are pros and cons to both options (schools and nannies) but then cost is certainly a big factor. Nannies are paid by the hour so the monthly cost would fluctuate up and down depending on my busier months and slower months. The concern here is the cost of the busier months as that would far exceed what we would pay for school. Either way we’ll be making a decision in the next couple weeks because our top school picks only had one spot opening in January and we don’t want to miss out.

2. Make progress on the nursery. We’re not buying paint yet but we are starting to plan on how to clear out what is currently Anthony’s office to turn it into a nursery. We’ve listed our green couch on Craigslist (anyone want a green couch for $150?? 🙂 ). We will then transition Anthony’s desk and samples into my office which thankfully is the largest bedroom. Once that’s complete we’re going to get the carpets professional cleaned before we go adding furniture back into the room. Then paint and furniture!

3. Register. With shower plans in the works we need to put together our registry. We’re planning on registering at Buy Buy Baby and Target. I’ve already been to Buy Buy Baby with a friend to roam the aisles and get an idea of what all is available. I’ve also been reading a lot of reviews on some big items like car seat, stroller, running stroller, etc. That will help us go in with a game plan. Have you seen the car seat and stroller aisle at Buy Buy Baby?? It could be totally overwhelming if someone didn’t do their homework before hand.

Buy Buy Baby

4. Grow, grow, grow. Of course along the way it’s my job to keep growing this baby! 🙂 My next appointment is the 28th so that’s just around the corner. It will just be a basic appointment to check weight gain, tummy size, heart rate and blood pressure but I’m looking forward to it.


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