We have a mover!

Well we had our super exciting 18 week ultra sound appointment this week! We had a very grainy, small image from the 6 week ultra sound so we were really looking forward to seeing the little nugget looking a bit more baby-like.

We made sure to tell the ultra sound tech we did not want to know the gender. Come to find out they think that’s so fun and doctors especially like it because on birth day they get a surprise too. I asked if she could tell boy or girl after the ultra sound and she said no. It’s not that easy to tell unless she finds the perfect angle so she says if the parents don’t want to know she doesn’t even go looking.

When baby popped up on the screen it was so wiggly! We guessed it’s because I just ate lunch or maybe it’s just active mid afternoon. It was shaking it’s head and moving it’s arms and legs. Sometimes she had to wait to get certain shots until the moving stopped. She took pictures of all sorts of body part to check measurements and growth: the four chambers of the heart, both arms and legs, tummy, a few of the head and the face with nose and mouth. While taking the close up of the face we saw baby practicing sucking which was cool because I had read that baby starts doing that around this time. We got a great shot of baby with it’s arms all tucked up (below) and my favorite was the shot of the feet which were crossed at the ankles as you can tell from the picture.


Cutest feet we ever did see!

Cutest feet we ever did see!

My blood pressure and heart rate were perfect so doctor didn’t have much to say. She came in and measured the length of my tummy to track it’s growth too. I already have that fun Linea Nigra, a line that forms from hormones that can run part or all the way up the tummy. I got it all the way! It fades after pregnancy though.

I had a couple questions for the doctor about my back aches that appear by days end. Some days it’s more achy than other days and it’s only occurring on my right side. It is worst in the evenings especially if I’ve been sitting for a long time. We suspect it might be to my scoliosis since it’s not the typical lower back pain most pregnant women get. So, she actually suggested starting ab exercises. I thought I couldn’t do crunches but quite the opposite. She wants me to keep my core strong which may help alleviate some of the stress put on my back by my growing tummy. She also suggested a chiropractor if I wanted as those specialized is maternity chiropractic options have been known to help a lot.

Next appointment is in four weeks so done are the days of appointments six weeks apart. The next few appointments will be a quick checkup to get my measurements, weight and blood pressure and hear the heart beat.

We also made progress on child care this week as we visited three different schools. They all had a long list of pros and very few cons so we now need to narrow down the list and get registered as these open spots to quick. All three schools only have 8 infants total so it’s tough to get in!

Next week: family vacation!!


2 thoughts on “We have a mover!

  1. I’m so excited about our new niece or nephew! So thankful for a healthy baby and mommy! I, too, am surprised about ab exercises while pregnant ~ who would have thought? I hope that brings you relief. Hugs!

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