New outfits all around

Well I caved and finally bought some maternity items. I can still wear most of my regular clothes but I just look frumpy. So to Target and Gap I went! Below is my first maternity top. Shows off my tummy huh 🙂

first maternity top

And an updated 17 week picture!!

17 weeks

Next Wednesday we have our big 18 week appointment with an ultrasound. To say we are excited is an understatement. This will truly be the only time we’ll get to see the nugget before the big birth day. An even though we are not finding out the sex it hasn’t stopped me from buying a few fun baby clothes.

paddinton bear 2

Also this purple gem which might be Anthony’s favorite. Now he can wear a Clemson T-shirt for good luck in delivery but I’m prepared to fight him against bringing the baby home from the hospital in this 🙂

It's even smaller in person!

It’s even smaller in person!

We’re headed out of town this weekend for some fresh mountain air and a visit with the Hall family.


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