The Dad to be….

You’ve heard enough about pregnancy so far from me so I interviewed the Dad to be on his thoughts these first 16.5 weeks….

Anthony looking young, fresh and rested pre-baby

Anthony looking young, fresh and rested pre-baby

What are the top three changes you’ve noticed in the first 16 weeks: “Well, the constant getting up to go to the bathroom during the night, now I have to look at baby clothes whenever we go into stores and my friends keep telling me my life is about to change.”

Things you are looking forward to about being a Dad: “Running with a baby stroller, the baby taking naps on my tummy and I’m excited about washing someone else’s clothes besides yours.”

Sympathy weight gain so far: 0 pounds

Funniest thing so far that you’ve noticed about me: “I’ve never seen someone want a belly bump so badly.”

Any cravings: Pizza

Do you think its a boy or girl: Girl

I have to say this was a fun one for me and I even learned a couple things! I’m thinking it’s a boy so we will see! Oh and he can do all the laundry he wants 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Dad to be….

  1. Will a baby seat fit in the Jeep? If not are you thinking of swapping the Jeep for the Silver Caliber?
    Are you interested in interviewing for a job in mobile marketing?
    Is the hash tag the bracelet Jenny wears on her wrist when is runs?
    Do you think Michigan will win the Big Ten in football this years?

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