According to the dog….

I thought it might be fun to share what this pregnancy has been like thus far for our current baby, Dixie….

We told Dixie right away and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Dixie, I need you to look at me because I’m going to tell you something very important.”
Dixie: (ignores me)

we need to talk

Me: “Well Dixie, in October our family will be adding a member and you’re going to have to start sharing your toys.”
Dixie: “WHAT?!”


Me: “Yes, I promise you’ll like it, boy or girl, but it will be a while before you can play with it.”
Dixie: (over it)

sad dixie

They say dogs can sense pregnancy pretty early on which is somewhat surprising but when you think about the dogs that are trained to sense seizures in children or other types of oncoming health scares it’s pretty amazing.

When Anthony is on the road Dixie doesn’t get as much exercise as pre-pregnancy. On days that I swim I simply don’t have as much energy to still exercise her for an hour or more. Days that I run, although she doesn’t know how much I’ve slowed down, sometimes I have to laugh when she looks up at me mid stride and I can’t help but think she’s saying, “Can we pick up the pace?” The unusually wet winter has made it hard to get outside to throw the ball some days which is the easy exercise option. As it warms up though we have a great national park with a huge lake and it’s one of the best ways to wear her out. It’s a mile walk in, then I can stand and throw a ball in the water for her to get some good swim-retrieval exercise.

Dixie is generally uninterested in in children unless they can throw a tennis ball 🙂 Even still, we’ll have a few plans on how to help Dixie adjust to the new baby and I’ve found some interesting articles on this topic. Anthony will bring home some baby blankets and clothes, some of which he’ll keep in his pocket and some he will give to her, so she can learn baby’s smell. Once baby comes I’ll also do my best to take time a few days a week to go outside, just Dixie and I, for some play time.

So Dad :), all is well with Dixie and I still scratch her tummy and give her an empty peanut butter jar when we have them.


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