Running into the second trimester

When we found out we were expecting I was about seven weeks into a pretty demanding, sixteen week marathon training program for the Rock N Roll Raleigh Marathon. Before we even met with our OB for the first ultrasound I knew I wasn’t going to continue marathon training. Although I had finished seventeen, two eighteen and one twenty miler already I knew how much those twenty milers took out of me and with four more to go that just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t grow another human being to best of my abilities while continuing with those super long runs. So with that said I switched to the 1/2 marathon option and decided I would jog, walk, skip my way through it and just enjoy being able to exercise!

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So out with the Tuesday and Thursday speed workouts, replaced by 4-6 miles at whatever pace felt comfortable. Almost immediately I dropped back from 8:30/8:45 pace to 9:30 – 10 minute/mile page. Weekend runs got cut in half and although much slower I’ve continued with anything from 8 – 10 miles on Saturday mornings. I take walk breaks when needed, bring a water bottle on long runs and overall I have felt great.

My doctor was totally fine with me continuing to run as long as it felt comfortable and I scaled back my intensity. She warned as my center of gravity began to shift and my ligaments and joints loosened it may become uncomfortable at which point I’ll switch to the elliptical. Right on time as I have entered my second trimester, I have started noticing the need for a bathroom break as my tummy grows and presses on my bladder. There’s a few routes I can frequent that have a bathroom so that may become the norm as I will only continue to grow!

I’m very much looking forward to this Sunday. Running and the time it allows me to spend with my two running partners is priceless for me (especially working from home). I am so thankful I have felt healthy and strong enough, especially with what could have been a rough first months, to still meet up for a few miles a few days a week. I’m also thankful those running friends don’t mind putting their paces aside and slowing it down for me.

The two Lisa's and I

The two Lisa’s and I

Sunday will be my last long run until after baby but for a few of those 13.1 miles I will be able to run with my college roommate, Amanda, with whom I did the Richmond marathon a few years ago. She is doing the full but the first seven miles we can run together before my turn around.

I’ll be sure to recap out fun weekend after Sunday’s race!


4 thoughts on “Running into the second trimester

  1. Emily Sternisha says:

    You go girlfriend! Good for you and I’m glad you are feeling awesome enough to be running! Happy mommy, happy baby! 🙂

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