Debuting at 14 weeks….

Anthony and I thought it would be fun to have a blog so that friends and family could follow along as our family plans to expand.

Baby Hall is due October 3rd and at 14 weeks we are in our second trimester! It won’t be until the birthday that we will found out if we are having a boy or a girl but we are having fun guessing!

Here are some fun stats so far:

Cravings/Aversions: So far I am particularly loving mangos and chips. I have definitely been craving the salty snacks over sweet and I do not discriminate…..any chips will do! Lucky for the hubby, no late night ice cream runs. Avocados and guacamole are two of the foods that really do not seem appealing and my usual love to broccoli has significantly waned. A big turkey sandwich or anything with feta sound delicious but that may be because they are off limits.

Baby Bump: No baby bump happening yet however my pants are not so comfortable anymore. Thankfully dress and skirt season is just around the corner. I did cave and buy a belly band which is a comfortable, soft, stretchy band that will give me some more months out of my non-maternity clothes. I can wear them unbuttoned and the band holds them up.

Activity: No baby activity yet that I can feel but I am staying active. It was almost instantaneous that my swimming and running slowed significantly. Dr. is perfectly fine with me continuing as long as I scaled back the intensity. That wasn’t hard to do as my energy levels went out the window with my aerobic capacity.

Preparation: We’ve started giving considering to room colors, etc. but the only thing official is we registered for a Lamaze/Childbirth class. The class takes place starting in August for 6 weeks.

Sickness: I am have been beyond lucky given some morning sickness (or should I say all day sickness) that some experience. If I have felt any nausea it’s been in the evenings but I can count on one hand how many times that happened. In general I tire more easily and by 8pm I’m useless so I try and take a nap once or twice a week. The only time I can promise I will not feel so hot is if I get over hungry. When my stomach starts to growl I best listen! Anthony learned the hard way one afternoon when we had to make a stop at 3:30 afternoon and I got boneless wings! He likes to tell that story 🙂

Next appointment is our 18-weekr at the end of April . We will get another ultrasound which we are very excited about because the first one was so early all we could see what a cluster of cells that would become baby Hall. Last appointment we heard a very strong heartbeat of 165! It took doctor a bit to find baby which made me nervous but finally she found that strong beat tucked way up high and to the side, just hanging out.

Next post I’ll include some pictures!

XOXO J and A


8 thoughts on “Debuting at 14 weeks….

    • Thanks!! This should be a fun way to keep everyone in the loop. Oh and since Lauren doesn’t have email will you show her this site so she can read too?

  1. Lisa Longeway says:

    I love the updates and hearing about the growing belly!!! Looking forward to seeing some pictures and send some of that nice weather up this way so I can enjoy the dress and skirt weather up here!!!! XOXO-LL

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