New outfits all around

Well I caved and finally bought some maternity items. I can still wear most of my regular clothes but I just look frumpy. So to Target and Gap I went! Below is my first maternity top. Shows off my tummy huh 🙂

first maternity top

And an updated 17 week picture!!

17 weeks

Next Wednesday we have our big 18 week appointment with an ultrasound. To say we are excited is an understatement. This will truly be the only time we’ll get to see the nugget before the big birth day. An even though we are not finding out the sex it hasn’t stopped me from buying a few fun baby clothes.

paddinton bear 2

Also this purple gem which might be Anthony’s favorite. Now he can wear a Clemson T-shirt for good luck in delivery but I’m prepared to fight him against bringing the baby home from the hospital in this 🙂

It's even smaller in person!

It’s even smaller in person!

We’re headed out of town this weekend for some fresh mountain air and a visit with the Hall family.


The Dad to be….

You’ve heard enough about pregnancy so far from me so I interviewed the Dad to be on his thoughts these first 16.5 weeks….

Anthony looking young, fresh and rested pre-baby

Anthony looking young, fresh and rested pre-baby

What are the top three changes you’ve noticed in the first 16 weeks: “Well, the constant getting up to go to the bathroom during the night, now I have to look at baby clothes whenever we go into stores and my friends keep telling me my life is about to change.”

Things you are looking forward to about being a Dad: “Running with a baby stroller, the baby taking naps on my tummy and I’m excited about washing someone else’s clothes besides yours.”

Sympathy weight gain so far: 0 pounds

Funniest thing so far that you’ve noticed about me: “I’ve never seen someone want a belly bump so badly.”

Any cravings: Pizza

Do you think its a boy or girl: Girl

I have to say this was a fun one for me and I even learned a couple things! I’m thinking it’s a boy so we will see! Oh and he can do all the laundry he wants 🙂

According to the dog….

I thought it might be fun to share what this pregnancy has been like thus far for our current baby, Dixie….

We told Dixie right away and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Dixie, I need you to look at me because I’m going to tell you something very important.”
Dixie: (ignores me)

we need to talk

Me: “Well Dixie, in October our family will be adding a member and you’re going to have to start sharing your toys.”
Dixie: “WHAT?!”


Me: “Yes, I promise you’ll like it, boy or girl, but it will be a while before you can play with it.”
Dixie: (over it)

sad dixie

They say dogs can sense pregnancy pretty early on which is somewhat surprising but when you think about the dogs that are trained to sense seizures in children or other types of oncoming health scares it’s pretty amazing.

When Anthony is on the road Dixie doesn’t get as much exercise as pre-pregnancy. On days that I swim I simply don’t have as much energy to still exercise her for an hour or more. Days that I run, although she doesn’t know how much I’ve slowed down, sometimes I have to laugh when she looks up at me mid stride and I can’t help but think she’s saying, “Can we pick up the pace?” The unusually wet winter has made it hard to get outside to throw the ball some days which is the easy exercise option. As it warms up though we have a great national park with a huge lake and it’s one of the best ways to wear her out. It’s a mile walk in, then I can stand and throw a ball in the water for her to get some good swim-retrieval exercise.

Dixie is generally uninterested in in children unless they can throw a tennis ball 🙂 Even still, we’ll have a few plans on how to help Dixie adjust to the new baby and I’ve found some interesting articles on this topic. Anthony will bring home some baby blankets and clothes, some of which he’ll keep in his pocket and some he will give to her, so she can learn baby’s smell. Once baby comes I’ll also do my best to take time a few days a week to go outside, just Dixie and I, for some play time.

So Dad :), all is well with Dixie and I still scratch her tummy and give her an empty peanut butter jar when we have them.

Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh recap

Saturday my college roommate Amanda and her husband Scott hit up the race expo to pick up our timing chips, bib and race swag. There’s always good shopping and deals but I have to the say this was the largest and nicest expo I’ve ever been to! I also saw this hunky Garmin rep, (Anthony), being interviewed by WRAL news! The station was covering the event and showcasing some cutting age technology for runners so Anthony got to share some of the new items Garmin just launched. Post expo we grilled up dinner at the house and all got to bed early knowing race morning would hear some early alarms.

WRAL Interview

WRAL Interview

Expo silliness

Expo silliness

Sponsor, "Chocolate Milk's" photo booth

Sponsor, “Chocolate Milk’s” photo booth

The Rock n Roll Half Marathon and Marathon took place this morning in downtown Raleigh. It has seemed so far away for so many weeks so now I can’t believe it’s over! There were training plan snafus for all three friends running this with me so of the four of us, that a few months ago were all going to run the full marathon, three of us completed the half marathon today and one was unable to compete due to injury.

Prerace with my cheerleader

Prerace with my cheerleader

My college roommate, Amanda, and I were dropped off at 6am and I’m glad we were local and knew side roads. We passed miles of traffic trying to park so we were thankful for a smooth drop off! After hitting the bathrooms twice we hopped in our corral (9 of 24). At about 7:20am we crossed the start line and jogged the whole race side by side! Having trained on portions of the course, mainly between what were miles six and nineteen, I knew it would be hilly. I still underestimated just how hilly it would be. The entire thing was extremely hilly and there were about three climbs where I walked in order to keep my heart rate in check. Even without pregnancy this would be a very uncomfortable event to truly race.

The temperature also climbed quickly up to 75 degrees so we stopped at every aid station and took water and Gatorade. At about mile seven I had a snack too. Unfortunately, at nearly mile eleven we rounded a corner and there was a group of medics performing chest compressions on a man. Come to find out from a friend who was about twenty minutes ahead of us this man had been undergoing CPR for quite a while as she had seen him too. Now as I write this we have learned two half-marathoners lost their life. More will come out as they learn if it was heat-related, heart related, etc. but I nearly fainted and had to grab Amanda’s arm. It was very, very disturbing to see. The second runner who passed away was nearly steps from the finish when we passed him which was equally sad as the thousands of finish line spectators were witness to the efforts of EMS trying to save his life. It’s a reminder to run smart and when the weather is warm or your body is saying no, listen!

Back to more lighthearted news… overall Amanda and I finished in 2:16 (2:13 if you take out the bathroom breaks according to my watch) so almost a perfect 10:00 minute/mile pace. This is a half hour slower than my normal time which is right what I had predicted. I’m very pleased with my race and making sure to run smart, have fun, get in great girl chat time, people watching and overall enjoy being healthy enough to participate.

Rockin and Rollin with Amanda!

Rockin and Rollin with Amanda!

Post race we met up with Anthony and Scott who were great cheerleaders. We grabbed chocolate milk (duh!), a slice of pizza and icy neck towels before heading home. After showering we were treated to Cheesecake Factory for lunch!

Running into the second trimester

When we found out we were expecting I was about seven weeks into a pretty demanding, sixteen week marathon training program for the Rock N Roll Raleigh Marathon. Before we even met with our OB for the first ultrasound I knew I wasn’t going to continue marathon training. Although I had finished seventeen, two eighteen and one twenty miler already I knew how much those twenty milers took out of me and with four more to go that just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t grow another human being to best of my abilities while continuing with those super long runs. So with that said I switched to the 1/2 marathon option and decided I would jog, walk, skip my way through it and just enjoy being able to exercise!

RnR logo

So out with the Tuesday and Thursday speed workouts, replaced by 4-6 miles at whatever pace felt comfortable. Almost immediately I dropped back from 8:30/8:45 pace to 9:30 – 10 minute/mile page. Weekend runs got cut in half and although much slower I’ve continued with anything from 8 – 10 miles on Saturday mornings. I take walk breaks when needed, bring a water bottle on long runs and overall I have felt great.

My doctor was totally fine with me continuing to run as long as it felt comfortable and I scaled back my intensity. She warned as my center of gravity began to shift and my ligaments and joints loosened it may become uncomfortable at which point I’ll switch to the elliptical. Right on time as I have entered my second trimester, I have started noticing the need for a bathroom break as my tummy grows and presses on my bladder. There’s a few routes I can frequent that have a bathroom so that may become the norm as I will only continue to grow!

I’m very much looking forward to this Sunday. Running and the time it allows me to spend with my two running partners is priceless for me (especially working from home). I am so thankful I have felt healthy and strong enough, especially with what could have been a rough first months, to still meet up for a few miles a few days a week. I’m also thankful those running friends don’t mind putting their paces aside and slowing it down for me.

The two Lisa's and I

The two Lisa’s and I

Sunday will be my last long run until after baby but for a few of those 13.1 miles I will be able to run with my college roommate, Amanda, with whom I did the Richmond marathon a few years ago. She is doing the full but the first seven miles we can run together before my turn around.

I’ll be sure to recap out fun weekend after Sunday’s race!

Pictures from week 14….

This past week “officially” marked the beginning of the second trimester. Also, the secret is “officially” out. (I posted it on Facebook…that’s when it’s official right?)

We attended a friends wedding and had a hilarious time trying to take a “bump” photo. Turns out it’s a bit difficult when there’s very little bump happening yet but we got a bunch of laughs. Our friends kept giving advice on how Anthony should hold my tummy and we finally were laughing so hard I just had to say, “We have no idea what we’re doing! We’ve never done this before!”

Laughing over our friends trying to help make this look more "natural"

Laughing over our friends trying to help make this look more “natural”

Bump Photo

Lady friends at the wedding. Holly is my fellow pregnant friend!

Lady friends at the wedding. Holly is my fellow pregnant friend!

Oh and here’s a more true “bump” photo. It’s the best I can get right now!
14 weeks

We also put some thought into bedroom colors. Although the painting won’t happen for weeks it helps us be able to start thinking about bedding, bedroom accessories and other fun things. Because we won’t be finding out the gender we’re going for light mint walls with accents of gray and light orange as well. My Mom and Grandma will begin working on the family bassinet in time for a July shower and will use some of these colors to update the bedding and decorations.
pant ideas

Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself but I may already be feeling the perks of the second trimester. Saturday I had the best run I’ve had in about two months. My energy level seems to be creeping back up. Next weekend Baby Hall and I will be doing our first race (the Raleigh Rock n Roll Half Marathon) and I can’t wait to “race”. Updates to follow!

Debuting at 14 weeks….

Anthony and I thought it would be fun to have a blog so that friends and family could follow along as our family plans to expand.

Baby Hall is due October 3rd and at 14 weeks we are in our second trimester! It won’t be until the birthday that we will found out if we are having a boy or a girl but we are having fun guessing!

Here are some fun stats so far:

Cravings/Aversions: So far I am particularly loving mangos and chips. I have definitely been craving the salty snacks over sweet and I do not discriminate…..any chips will do! Lucky for the hubby, no late night ice cream runs. Avocados and guacamole are two of the foods that really do not seem appealing and my usual love to broccoli has significantly waned. A big turkey sandwich or anything with feta sound delicious but that may be because they are off limits.

Baby Bump: No baby bump happening yet however my pants are not so comfortable anymore. Thankfully dress and skirt season is just around the corner. I did cave and buy a belly band which is a comfortable, soft, stretchy band that will give me some more months out of my non-maternity clothes. I can wear them unbuttoned and the band holds them up.

Activity: No baby activity yet that I can feel but I am staying active. It was almost instantaneous that my swimming and running slowed significantly. Dr. is perfectly fine with me continuing as long as I scaled back the intensity. That wasn’t hard to do as my energy levels went out the window with my aerobic capacity.

Preparation: We’ve started giving considering to room colors, etc. but the only thing official is we registered for a Lamaze/Childbirth class. The class takes place starting in August for 6 weeks.

Sickness: I am have been beyond lucky given some morning sickness (or should I say all day sickness) that some experience. If I have felt any nausea it’s been in the evenings but I can count on one hand how many times that happened. In general I tire more easily and by 8pm I’m useless so I try and take a nap once or twice a week. The only time I can promise I will not feel so hot is if I get over hungry. When my stomach starts to growl I best listen! Anthony learned the hard way one afternoon when we had to make a stop at 3:30 afternoon and I got boneless wings! He likes to tell that story 🙂

Next appointment is our 18-weekr at the end of April . We will get another ultrasound which we are very excited about because the first one was so early all we could see what a cluster of cells that would become baby Hall. Last appointment we heard a very strong heartbeat of 165! It took doctor a bit to find baby which made me nervous but finally she found that strong beat tucked way up high and to the side, just hanging out.

Next post I’ll include some pictures!

XOXO J and A